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Struggling? Need help with depression, anxiety or conflict? We can help!
Imagine the freedom from getting rid of repetitive patterns that keep you bound in a life that feels depressing, stressful and overwhelming.  Imagine feeling like you own your own mind and you choose how to respond to life.   

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Benefits of working with us:
  • No rushing out to appointments - no traffic, weather conditions to navigate
  • We meet you where you're comfortable
  • Easy to Access
  • High-skilled, experienced, warm, engaging therapists who're passionate about this work and want to work with you.
  • Private - you won't run into anyone in the waiting room
  • PHIPA compliant
  • Specialized - we have extensive experience in a wide range of issues - so we can connect you with the best fit for the challenges you're up against. 
Online Psychotherapy is one of the best and most convenient tools to reorganize your mind and feel good.
  • We help you become aware of your mind so you can choose your life. 
  • Shift out of repetitive reactivity which feels awful and leads to depression, anxiety and conflict.
  • Move into a place of choice, where you consciously decide how to respond to life.
  • No longer hostage of old knee jerk reactions.
  • Choice is the game-changer.
Psychotherapy is designed to grow your awareness and understanding of yourself so you can choose how to be in the world - at work, in your relationships and even in your own mind. We'll help you every step of the way!   Experience and Training include:

Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists in Ontario and Registered Social Workers
Specialized training in relationships, attachment, parenting, trauma, grief and LGBTQ+ related issues.   Where: All across Ontario! All you need is a high-speed internet connection or phone and some privacy. Easy to use, secure, encrypted online video-conferencing app for phones, tablets, laptops and computers.
Group Therapy - Compassionate Resilience - Using Mindfulness Skills to Manage Depression, Anxiety & Stress
starting again in May 2022  For more information visit: https://wellnesswithin.online/mindfulness-group/ 


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 Annette Vlieg, Registered Social Worker*annette

Perhaps you’re questioning the status quo of your life or need to explore and understand parts of yourself, or your life, that are causing you pain? Is there a disconnect between who you are, how you act, and who you feel yourself to truly be? Maybe you’re wondering about “the self” we find ourselves constructing to manage in this complex world. I welcome all these explorations.
  It takes a strong desire for change and growth to start therapy and do the inner work that will lead to feeling better in a sustainable way. I respect this. Taking the first step requires courage, curiosity, and self-compassion.

Areas of Speciality: Depression, Anxiety, Mental Health issues, Trauma, Attachment Issues, Parenting; Shame Resilience, LGBTQ+, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Clinical Child Counselling, Personal Counselling, Group Facilitation,

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Katie Greenough

Katie Greenough, Registered Psychotherapist

Much of my own healing has been done in therapists' offices. I've found the experience to be invaluable. At times I've needed someone to listen with unconditional acceptance of me and my story; at other times I've needed deeper exploration and analysis of painful life experiences; occasionally I've needed some practical help with making changes. When you begin therapy with me, we'll spend some time identifying your goals for therapy and figuring out, together, how I can best help you. We will re-evaluate your goals regularly as you grow and learn more about yourself through the therapy process

Areas of Speciality: Trauma, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Treatment Plans, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Rehabilitation and Health Psychology, Mental Health, Individual Counselling, Couple Counselling, Traumatic Incident Reduction

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Andrzej Mlynarz

Andrzej Mlynarz, Registered Psychotherapist

Your story is unique. I hope to explore it together in a spirit of curiosity and reflection. A genuine dialogue takes time and effort. Yet, a lot can happen in a conversation: a different perspective, a compromise, a better understanding of yourself, your partner, your child. Mutual understanding may translate into more connection, patience, intimacy and less conflict, criticism, defensiveness. Recognizing sources of hurt may mean more forgiveness and kindness.

Change is mysterious. It starts within, yet leads to change in the other and in your relationship. Change can be slow and frustrating, interrupted by inevitable setbacks, mixed with failures and victories, and repeated hurtful patterns, which seem impossible to break. Change brings hope and healing.

If therapy works, you will know it. I trust you will find the way to transform your relationships and lives toward more truth, love and happiness.


Areas of SpecialityIndividual, Couple and Family Therapy, Mental Health with special interest in Anxiety Disorders and Depression, Trauma, Parental Coaching, Consultation, Clinical Supervision.

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Michael Peddle

Michael Peddle, Registered Psychotherapist

As soon as we start working together, a major obstacle is already taken care of; hope. It takes hope to reach out; hope to believe change is possible; hope that you too can experience relief and hope for a better life. From this place of hope, we'll explore together what it truly means to lean into the discomfort, hug our inner monster and discover where transformation is possible. We spend so much of life avoiding pain, living with increasing anxiety and depression but with guidance and support, we can embrace the struggle and work to achieve a cherished life! We work together to strengthen the skills and abilities you already have and get them working for you! There's a wealth of resilience within you that we can mine together. It will help you achieve your goals, not just for now, but for the rest of your life.

Areas of Speciality: Anxiety, Depression, Shame Resilience, LGBTQ+, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Clinical Child Counselling, Crisis Intervention.Personal Counselling, Group Facilitation, Program Development, Career Counselling, Conflict Mediation, Leadership, Lesson Planning, Behaviour Management, Workshop Development

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Michele Cadotte

Michele Cadotte, Registered Psychotherapist

Lacking the energy to fully engage with your life? Depression and/or anxiety barriers to joyful living? Relationships suffering as you struggle to connect with others? I can help!

I focus on developing new behaviour patterns that support you to be more present, engaged, and content with yourself and with the people who matter most in your life. Together we'll explore your vision for the future and activate the energy to begin to do things differently.

I'll help you build new skills to work with the challenging emotions that are often at the root of our struggles. This shift to more helpful thinking and behaviour patterns will build resiliency to deal with future challenges. I draw from my experiences with meditation, mindfulness-based counselling, life coaching and other therapeutic approaches. I continue to benefit personally from mindfulness & compassion skills and am enthusiastic about sharing them with you.

Areas of Speciality: Mindfulness; compassion-based therapies for depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. Strong interest in working with behavioural change to address unhelpful beliefs and patterns. Trained in Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy to support clients in making greater meaning in their lives. Experience working with relationship issues for couples, including infidelity/betrayal, and parenting challenges. Training and experience in somatic (body-focused) approaches to trauma-informed therapy. Individual Counselling, Couple Counselling

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Tressa Porter

Tressa Porter, Founder & Clinical Director, Registered Psychotherapist

For almost, 20 years I've had the privilege of working with hundreds of people, just like you, to support them to understand their inner world and learn how to navigate their life from the inside out. It's possible, through the most intense emotional storms we discover our empowerment. When we come through the other side we can feel more of who we are, rather than shredded. I can help you get through to the other side and grow from whatever you're up against

I've grown a unique approach to helping you sort yourself out. Together we explore what past is still present, so you understand what is going on from the inside out. This is balanced by helping you identify ways to make significant changes to increase your empowerment and agency in your life. I have the pleasure of watching people actually fall in love with themselves and enjoy being in their own skin.

Areas of Speciality: Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Childhood Trauma, Attachment Issues, Parenting, Individual Therapy, Couples, Relationships of all kinds, Self Psychology and Psychoanalytically informed; IFS informed and Parts work.

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"We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us." - Rumi

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