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Welcome to Wendy Limarzi’s Depression & Relationship Counseling Service.

Wendy holds a Psychology Degree from the University of Windsor and a Master’s of Social Work Degree from Wilfrid Laurier University. She is a licensed, registered therapist and has attended and co-ran many seminars and workshops. She has widespread knowledge of the tribulations and burdens you may be faced with and works to bring a swift resolution to your struggles. Her ultimate goal is in empowering you with strategies to maintain your therapeutic gains after treatment concludes. This approach frees you from the requirement of long-term therapy, and allows you to fully achieve the preparedness to overcome any situation you are exposed to.

Wendy utilizes an approach that is insight oriented, as well as goal–oriented.  Her psychotherapy practice is built on the principal that insight is crucial in identifying the origin of your struggles. She will work with you, the client, collaboratively, on how to achieve the highest level of confidence in your decision-making. This approach is not about just coping. Without the knowledge of why you have fallen into the “traps” you have, you are paralyzed to prevent it from happening again. 

Wendy is certain in her philosophy that infidelity can be overcome. She is confident in her skills to resolve long-standing conflicts between couples. She regularly facilitates reconciliations between couples, when this is the desire of both partners. The ultimate goal in couples counseling is to evoke a response from an emotionally unavailable partner, and eliminate you or your spouse’s desire to turn to someone else when conflicts arise. Even if one person has invested more in salvaging a relationship, a dramatic difference can be attained, and spillover to the non-participating spouse.

Wendy has extensive experience in adult & children’s mental health, and mental illness.                               She regularly performs diagnostic assessments, and is comfortable working collaboratively with your physician, as appropriate, in order to help you navigate through the confusing maze of psychiatric medication. She also offers educational counseling for family members of those experiencing the burden of depression, anxiety or other illness. She is a supportive counselor for clients who feel frustration about the lack of appropriate or timely services.

I provide therapy in person, by telephone, through e-counseling, or home visits. Telephone & e-counseling are very convenient for people who can devote their lunch hour to an appointment, while saving the driving time. Home visits are convenient for people who do not want to leave the comforts of their home.

Counseling is free for couples with benefits from Ford’s, Chrysler’s, General Motors, (retirees as well), and Valiant Tool. Call for details about other benefit plans.

Wendy looks forward to talking to you today to discuss therapy options.

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