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Are you struggling to connect with others? Does your life feel confusing, lonely, and hopeless sometimes? Do you long for deep love and a meaning-filled life? As a psychotherapist, I offer a safe, compassionate environment to help others heal, find meaning, and empower their hopes and dreams. Within us, we hold the deepest truths about ourselves. Therapy is an opportunity to uncover and integrate our life experiences. Learning about authentic ways of engaging in meaningful relationships with self and others is a core aspect of leading a fulfilling, happy life.

I view the therapeutic relationship as a working collaboration. I will help you consider how your past and current ways of relating may be impacting you. Through attending to your experiences together, the unresolved issues that underlie depression, anxiety, addiction, and trauma are often alleviated and understood in new ways.
Therapy can help you live with a deeper sense of belonging and inner freedom. You have already started on your journey, and I look forward to meeting you.

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