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  • William L. Bradley,, Clinical Social Worker
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William Bradley, LCSW, LMFT  (Arizona Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist)


            I have been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the Phoenix area for the last 32 years.  With my broad range of experience, you will get a vast wealth of perspective on your situation and a complete knowledge of the resources within the community and human experience.  My experience includes work with troubled teens in residential, hospital and family therapy contexts.  I have also worked for many years with younger children in group, individual and family formats.  Therefore, you will have access to the perspective of your children in the creation of solutions to family problems. 

            I have completed doctoral course work and did research in divorce adjustment with children and families.  For the past 18 years, I have been a provider for the Superior Court of Maricopa County, providing mediation, counseling, therapeutic supervision and evaluations for families in the transitions of divorce and blending families.  Because I have a wealth of personal clinical and academic experience in this area, you will have numerous insights and choices otherwise not available.  

            I am also a skilled relationship and marital therapist.  Couples counseling is one of my favorite things to do bringing to you new awareness of relational intelligence and communication skills.  This has been a strong area of specialty over the years and I have been highly successful at resolving the vast majority of relationship issues I deal with in either heterosexual or homosexual contexts.

            In addition, I specialize in men’s issues and for the past 15 years have worked with men in group contexts. Men’s work has been a passion for me which initially began with work on my own father relationship and was fueled by the broader need for relationship-work balance and emotional articulateness with men in general. Men in my groups have discovered a deeper sense of support and connectedness with other men as well as an ability to communicate more effectively in all their relationships and manifest greater levels of emotional intelligence.

            I have also had extensive experience in anger management, depression and anxiety disorders, as well as post-traumatic disorders and personality disorders. My broad range of experience in therapeutic modalities and deep understanding of human nature based on years of experience has given me insight and perspective into emotional disorders which will give you a variety of new choices and strategies to approach emotional management.

            I  also specialize in Attention Deficit Disorders in children and adults and I also do ADHD coaching with adults.  I can provide a number of strategies which will give you new  patterns for goal-setting and time management, and cognitive strategies for success in business life-work balance. 

            I  have a broad range of experience in family therapy and psychotherapy.  I have trained extensively in family systems theory and practice with structural, strategic, solution-focused and constructionist-systemic models of family therapy.  I am a certified  practitioner in Neuro-linguistic programming, a Certified Clinical  Hypnotherapist, and I’m  also certified in Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing and Lifespan Integration therapy.

            I am also proud to be a New Warrior in the Man-Kind Project (mkp.org) men’s organization.  I am a Clinical Member and board member of the Arizona Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (azamft.org), as well as a Board Certified Diplomate Clinical Social Worker.

            I have an eclectic, ecumenical spiritual background which includes a New Thought Christian influence but is also strongly influenced by Vajrayana and Vipassna schools of Buddhist meditation in his practice.  I  combine a practical solution-focused approach with an emphasis on finding deeper sources of nourishment in a world which encourages us to be satisfied with superficial  pseudo adaptive sources of self-care.  You will get  a strong emphasis on family and relationships in my  practice with the belief that our ultimate happiness lies in the emphasis on our interdependence and connectedness with all living beings.  

            Most major  insurance plans are accepted for payment.  Cigna and Tri-West are not at the present time.  Please call to confirm or consult your insurance company for details.  My normal fee is $80.   Visa and Master Card are accepted.

            To make an appointment, please call 480 921-3711. 


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