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Bill Svoboda's earliest memories are of living on a farm in rural Missouri with no running water, no electricity, no central heating and a bathroom 40 yards from the back door.  There were no books, no newspapers and the outside world came via a wooden Philco battery- operated radio.  School was one room with 8 grades and discipline was chopping wood for the pot belly stove in the center of the school.  
Some good luck, a wonderful wife and a lot of work resulted in Bill getting his doctorate from the University of Kansas.  This in turn led to becoming a teacher in public schools in Kansas and Puerto Rico.  Bill has also been a professor or administrator in higher education at Kansas University, Missouri University, the University of Puerto Rico, the College of National Education in Tanzania and Arizona State University.  Dr. Svoboda retired as professor and dean from ASU in 2000 and served as COO for a child crisis center.  
Bill is now a professional life coach, business consultant and educational consultant.  His present work is based on the 40 years of research finding answers to the question, "What's worth knowing?"  This research has resulted in several writings.  The last two are most relevant to my present work.  They are YOUR CHOICES, YOUR LIFE and WHAT'S MOST IMPORTANT?  The first book,  YOUR CHOICES, YOUR LIFE is a second edition and is designed to be the application of psychology and other social sciences to enable the reader to gain more control of his or her life. It consists of 37 short, easily read chapters with accompanying question to help the reader understand and apply the concepts and skills presented.  Also included are activities and questions that can be used in a group setting.  
WHAT'S MOST IMPORTANT? is my latest book that is both philosophical and practical.
 My answers to the title question are in 5 related parts.  These factors are: 1. Physical health, 2. Mental health, 3. Financial security, 4. Problem solving and critical thinking skills and 5. Responsibility to others, the environment and especially to oneself.  These factors are highly interrelated and function together as the basis for living intelligent, productive and meaningful lives.  
It is my contention that individuals, families, social groups, schools, governments and businesses should use these 5 factors as, at least, a starting point for planning, educating, implementing and fulfilling their reasons for existence.  This set of values, concepts and skills are the bases of my work with clients.
I view clients as a whole.  Although an individual, couple, organization or business comes to me for specific assistance, it is often the case that other factors are influencing or are relevant and need to be addressed.  Just as the 5 factors are highly related to each other as a concept, so also are they related in our lives and how we live them.  As a coach, speaker or consultant, I will minimally be considering these 5 factors and how they affect the particular situation.  Our problems are seldom, if ever, only the result of one thing.  We are multidimensional and need to look at our lives and organizations that way.
I work with clients so that we enjoy ourselves with a casual setting and humor but are always focused on the concepts and skills that will get the maximum results.   

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