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I have a doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology from Purdue University. Most people may be more familiar with the term "Clinical Psychologist" and less familiar with "Counseling psychologists". As psychologists, we have common core courses that provide common knowledge in the field of psychology and you may also see us doing a similar type of works although the job content could be very different depending on the specialty and focus area the psychologist decides to pursue.

There is one thing special about Counseling psychology that is different from Clinical psychology in that we don't adopt the medical model that looks at your struggle as pathological. Coming from a tradition of career counseling, counseling psychologists are more strength based and have a more positive psychology element in our work with our clients. 

I am fortunate to have training in psychotherapy, assessments, group therapy, and outreach consultation. I enjoy working with clients because we collaborate to identify goals together and we work together to reach those goals. I find strengths that you may not notice that have always been within you or the resilience that you have overlooked while we develop new skills to improve your quality of life.To have therapy to work, it is not enough to just explore the problematic behaviors and patterns and troubling emotions, it is important to also acknowledge that you have built-in strengths and resources that you may not be aware of. It is also imperative to learn and develop new coping skills that you can put in your toolbox and to utilize in the future stressful situations and adversity. 

I would describe my therapy approach as a combination of insight-oriented and solution-focused approach. My working style can be described as "eclectic" which means I adopt different techniques or tools from different therapy theories/modalities that fit the needs of our work. You are a unique individual with a unique personality and worldview, I acknowledge the importance of tailoring my approach to best serve you with ongoing communication with you and feedback from you.
I look forward to working with you to explore and be curious about who you are and what makes you unique and special and how we can create a better sense of self, better relationships with others, and a better life for you. You will no longer feel alone and will feel supported on your journey of growth. Send me a message or a call and let's talk!

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