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   If you are here, I imagine you are feeling some form of distress or dissatisfaction in your life and you are looking for assistance. Therapy is as much about healing as it is about finding individual truth. I help Bay Area professionals address immediate issues while cultivating the relationships and career they desire. 
Specialties Include:  
  • Alleviating anxiety and stress
  • Understanding, living with, and recovering from depression
  • Attachment based relationship issues
  • Codependency
  • Issues related to having prolonged exposure to narcissistic figures. These are often difficult to self identify but can be illuminated and helped with the assistance of a professional. 

  • Unwanted thoughts, feelings, and actions decrease and resolve
  • New ground is revealed beneath
  • Self assuredness builds
  • New aspects of the self are discovered as desires can emerge
  • Strong negative emotions become more manageable and less debilitating
  • Possibilities for new ways of communicating and interacting become accessible which strengthen relationships
  • Deeper understanding of self and others provides a sense of authorship and control of one's decisions and actions
  • Life essentially becomes more your own
You the Patient:
  • You're a hardworking professional in San Francisco
  • Your relationships or career aren't giving you the satisfaction you want out of life
  • There are events and relationships from your past that haven't been addressed
  • You want more and sense there is more for you
  • You're not sure what's in the way
  • You're not sure how to get there on your own

Us, the Therapy:
  • Address immediate problems or unwanted thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • Build a trusting relationship that provides ongoing support
  • Address core issues so that unwanted patterns don't repeat
  • Cultivate more of the life you know you're capable of having 

How to Begin:
  •    Call or email me
  •    Leave a brief message and include times that I can call you back
  •    We talk for 10-15 minutes, FREE
  •    If it makes sense to work together we arrange a time 
  •    I give you my office details
  •    We meet for 50 minutes in person
  •    I make recommendations about how to best proceed
  •    The process is underway

Fee Structure:
   My regular fee is $180 per session however, if you are unable to pay this amount and want to work together I'm open to a conversation about it. Just ask. 
Brief FAQ:
  • Do you take insurance?

   No, however I can easily provide documentation for reimbursement and some insurance companies reimburse generously. 
  • Do you prescribe medication?

   I cannot, yet I can make referrals to trusted clinicians who do prescribe and who I collaborate with regularly.  
  • How long does therapy take?

   It's completely up to you. Some people get what they need in a matter of months, others find it to be an invaluable relationship that continuously helps them live the life they want and continue for many, many years.  
   Thank you for reading. Please feel free to call or email with any questions.
   Zak Forrest, LMFT


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