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Our issues and struggles are really a lack of living wisdom: depression, anxiety, relationships, success, career, parenting, addictions, self-esteem, health, and wellness. It's time for that to change. It's time for you to be happy, confident, clear, successful, satisfied, and aware.
Therapy can help, go deep to the core, inspire, illuminate, deliver tools and skills, and a world of insight. It will help you take back control of your life and relationships, overcome challenges and struggles, help yourself, and find the happiness and growth you long to achieve. Gain the knowledge and skills you need to really live.
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My Story 
Growing up, life seemed to flow along through college. Nothing too deep, no major crises. I put in my work and achieved: academics, athletics…had my group of friends. Then, it hit a bump in the road.
Being an athlete was a major part of my identity, until that disappeared after a nasty knee injury in college. Didn’t help that I was bombing my 200+ student lectures. Too much social life, not enough studying. At the time, I lacked the self-awareness, discipline, tools, and drive to identify and make the necessary lifestyle changes to achieve my goals. So, I transferred back closer to home, had knee surgery, and felt like I’d fallen back to square one.​
What I didn’t know, was that the falling would continue a little more before it swung back up. My father, the rock of the family, had a heart attack. He survived and recovered, but life was never the same: we all changed deeply and for the good.
I was learning that challenges aren’t always what they seem, and that they often contain a far greater good. Confronted with some serious things in life that “weren’t going according to plan,” my plan, I grappled for answers and found the knowledge of life and the universe I had acquired to that point was – useless. It was a huge dose of things deeply impacting me that were beyond my direct control.
It was spiritual journey time, thanks to food…yes, food. As my father began cutting out unhealthy foods, I joined him, and saw the weight I’d gained after my injury, disappear. And, it felt good to be in control, disciplined. I choose what I would or would not eat. It was such a high, such a deep and real pleasure to be in the driver’s seat in my own life for the first time. I wanted more, and I wanted to know why it worked.​ 
I asked, read, explored, tried, discussed, and journeyed talking universe, soul, meaning, and purpose with everyone and anyone I could find. I was taking the unknown path unfolding before me, unsure where it was leading me, but certain I needed and wanted to know.
Eventually landing in Israel for a travel and volunteer program from the year, I met spiritual people who lived in the world, not the mountains. People with bills who changed diapers and drove cars, not meditated in the mountains. It was an introduction to my own heritage and roots: ancient spiritual truths and wisdom for living I never knew it possessed. No one every taught it to me.
It would take years of learning, living, and further self-exploration to integrate it all and make it a part of me. And then formal training in counseling to further my understanding and be able to share it with others, using it to guide, support, and move others. It’s an honor to help people on their own journey’s to find themselves, to change their stories, to craft their lives anew and find happiness. 
GPS for the Soul (English translation) 2014 
Wurzweiler School of Social Work, Yeshiva University, New York, NY — Masters of Social Work, 2007 
Passed New York State licensing boards — 2007 
Kollel Menachem, Safed, Israel — Advanced Judaic Studies, 2001-2003 
Rabbinical College of America, Morristown, NJ — B.A. Judaic Studies, 2001 
Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY — B.A. Psychology, 1997

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