Attachment Network of Manitoba

The Attachment Network is a multi-organizational committee that is comprised of representatives from various sectors, including health, justice, education, and social services, who are interested in promoting and enhancing secure attachment across the life span.
Our mandate is around 3 pillars: Networking (we meet with anyone locally who is available to attend, 3 times a year); Advocacy (the messages we put forward around building secure attachment as the foundation for healthy human development can find their way into social, fiscal, political and program policy decisions) and Education ( we host an annual conference on an aspect of attachment information or research and also sponsor various attachment focused trainings as they arise).
Our website is really who we are, and we intend it to be a good first click towards finding solid information on attachment, whether it is other websites, resources, videos, memes, thought provoking pieces, articles etc. We have also developed materials primarily geared towards parents such as our 10 Things Series of brochures and posters. The brochures are available in English, French, Spanish, Tagalog, Cree, Ojibwe, and Arabic. The series are available for free downloading or purchased after printing from our site 10 Things Your (Baby, Toddler, School Aged Child and Teenager, and coming shortly, Foster Child) Want You to Know. We also are selling streaming access to 2 dvd’s we developed: Listening to Baby and Tuning into Your Toddler, which are wonderful tools to use with parents to promote curiosity and reflective functioning.