Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support

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Undergraduate Programs

1 in 68 children are diagnosed with autism. As a result, the need for professionals in the field is at an all-time high. By pursuing a degree in autism, you will have both a rewarding career, and be a marketable employee when you graduate.

Saint Joseph’s University now offers three ways in which undergraduate students can achieve a degree in autism studies. These include the autism: major, minor, and concentration. 

The major in Autism Studies was introduced in 2013 and is one of the newest majors at Saint Joseph’s University. It provides a foundation of seven core courses, and allows for student exploration with the choice of four electives; including courses from the Interdisciplinary Health Services (IHS), Special Education, and Psychology departments.

The minor in Autism Studies is available to full-time, matriculated day students, and provides an in-depth look at autism. The minor requires students to take six courses in total: including three core courses and three electives.

The concentration in Autism Studies is available to students in the College of Professional and Liberal Studies Program. It requires students to take six core courses and gives students a clear and focused introduction into the techniques, theories, and treatments of autism.

Courses in autism studies are taught by an array of talented faculty with varying experiences in the field of autism.


Graduate Programs

Along with offering a major, minor, and concentration in Autism Studies for undergraduate students, Saint Joseph’s University provides graduate students with the chance to focus their careers in an autism related field via their Graduate Concentration in Behavior Analysis and Masters in Special Education programs.


Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA)

A BCaBA certification is essential for becoming a marketable employee in the field of autism. In order to sit for the BCaBA exam, students must be pursuing a Bachelor's degree in a related field, achieve a grade of “C” or better in the 5 approved autism classes and complete 670 practicum hours. Learn more about the benefits of a BCaBA certification.

Course Overlap with the Major & Minor in Autism Studies
SJU students interested in completing the course sequence necessary to site for the BCaBA exam, may be interested in declaring a Major or a Minor in Autism Studies
 because of the course overlap.

Practicum Hours
The Kinney Center at Saint Joseph's University offers students, who have completed the approved course sequence, 3 practicum courses where they can accrue roughly 225 hours of experience. An SJU student who takes and passes all 3 practicum courses will meet the experience
requirements to sit for the BCaBA exam. SCHOLARS who have staffed Kinney Center programs can learn about counting hours works on the BCaBA course page. University supervisors are responsible for providing documentation for each supervisory period on a feedback form provided by the BACB. Students can download the Experience Verification Form and Standards document, which contains the following: the Standards for Experience, the BACB Fieldwork and Practicum Experience Supervision Form, and the Experience Verification Form.

The Exam Application
In the student's senior year, University supervisors will guide the student enrolled in a Practicum course on how to apply for the BCaBA exam. This includes signing up for an account on the BACB's on-line system, completing the application and sending additional required documentation.