Look Up

LookUp (LookUpIndiana.org) is a free online resource providing mental and behavioral health information and resources, while also offering stigma-reducing messaging. Users can search for mental health providers and support groups in Indiana nearest to them, get information on mental health topics, keep up-to-date on recent mental health news and blog posts, check for upcoming trainings and events and find 24/7 crisis help. LookUp provides information helpful to various demographics as well, including faith-communities, schools, workplace, medical providers, parents, and youth. For 24/7 help, text LOOKUP to 494949, or chat online. LookUp is also home to the Indiana School Mental Health Initiative. Working alongside school districts and their community partners, we provide resources, training, and advocacy to build their capacity to promote the social, emotional, behavioral, mental, and physical health of Indiana’s school-age children and youth with the goal of increasing school engagement and improving educational and life outcomes. Visit the Indiana School Mental Health Initiative at https://lookupindiana.org/schools/.