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Addiction Therapist

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

While most treatment approaches to addiction include 12 step programs, rehabs, and now sober living houses, Grey Matters International, Inc. provides a wildly successful alternative to traditional models of addiction treatment----that keeps the brain in mind. That is, talking to the conscious brain while the primal brain is deciding things even before you are consciously aware? Well, that is the problem to solve in addiction. We have the solution utilizing a new cutting edge neuroscience-centered brain rebalancing system. Contact or call 877-606-6161.

Addiction Therapist

Kathryn Bryan, LMFT, ATR-BC

Marriage and Family Therapist, Board-Certified Art Therapist

28720 Roadside Dr, Suite 196, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Addiction affects many families and comes in many forms. At our offices, several clinicians specialize in treating gambling addiction, a serious problem with very serious consequences. It is possible to live free of addictive behaviors and it all starts with the first step--acknowledging your need for help. When you're ready to get help, please call to consult with one of our clinicians. We will help develop a plan with you to start you on the path to recovery and sobriety (however that is defined by you). If you have a problem with gambling, the costs of your treatment may be covered by a special California state program. Call 323.810.9233 for more details.

Addiction Therapist

Jo Ellen Fletcher, M.A.,LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

5014 Chesebro Rd. First Floor, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Addiction is a chronic, relapsing, progressive brain disease. Addiction is an attempt at self-repair. Addition comes in forms of substances, chemical dependency or process addictions such as sex, internet, gambling, eating and more. Of the most talked about is alcohol and drug abuse, or substance abusers. Substance abusers are unable to use their feelings as signals and guides in managing or protecting themselves against the instability and chaos of their internal world. All treatment of addiction is a time dependent process. Effective addiction treatment is in treatment strategy. The first stage of treatment is abstinence to the later stage of treatment which is prevention from relapse. Currently most addition treatments are in three step...(view profile to read more)

Addiction Therapist

Chris Massman, MA, LMFT, CDS

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

28240 Agoura Road, Suite 304A, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

I became a Chemical Dependency Specialist after receiving my Master's Degree in Psychology, Marriage & Family Therapy. The reasons I chose addiction as a specialty are numerous. I have experienced addiction in my family of origin and wanted to gain a better understanding on the reasoning behind it. I learned that addiction is not about having strong will. Addiction is a disease. I have attended various twelve step support groups for my own knowledge as well as supporting myself and various family members and friends. I am educated on twelve step program and principles of various groups. If you are not ready for complete abstinence I can meet your disease where you are to explore.

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