Addiction Treatment Cheviot Hills CA. Counseling for Substance Abuse, Alcohol, Internet, Sex, and Drug Addictions.

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Addiction Therapist

Jenny Liu, MEd. MFT. NLP. Confidence Coach

Online Therapist & Coach, Online Career Counselor

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Addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, romance or food? Counseling can help! I work with clients from a holistic approach addressing the mind, body and spirit. Addiction is associated with deep emotional pain in the human psyche. In order to truly heal your pain, you will need to address the needs of all aspects of yourself. Call me for a consult!

Addiction Therapist

Stephanie Weston, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Within Driving Distance of Cheviot Hills, CA

Battling an addiction is one of the hardest hurdles to overcome because you basically have two enormous issues to work through. You have the addiction, which is an overpowering urge to engage in a particular activity despite it’s negative consequences and then you have the issue underneath that you’re attempting to cope with by means of the addiction. Therefore, my approach is to work with the client on reducing the addictive behaviors so we can explore the root cause of it. Obviously elimination of the addiction is the goal, but sometimes just slowly reducing it is enough to begin work on the underlying cause. Benefits of this would be gaining back your control over your life.

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