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Addiction Therapist

Misha Gitberg, MA, RCC

Registered Clinical Counselor

2571-B Penrhyn st, Victoria, BC V8N 1G2

I am skilled at helping people overcome various addictive behaviors-from using drugs and alcohol, gambling, sexual and internet addictions, shopping and food addictions to name a few. I am approaching addictions from a holistic perspective, helping you increase your awareness of the addictive pattern, develop practical skills to work with it, help you establish new positive experiences dealing with your inner world as well as negotiating social environment. I will guide you towards healing that wants to happen in you-the hidden gift of addiction.

Addiction Therapist

Derek Martin, PhD

Canadian Certified Counsellor

1517 Amelia Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2J9

We are all addicts in some form or another. Yet whether it is to coffee, heroin, the internet, or food, addiction is always reaching for the wrong thing. The beloved object is only an attempt to fill a void that is calling for something else, and that's why it never quite satisfies us. Withdrawing the energy from the object is never easy, for it means suffering a lack of control. 12 step programs help because they provide not only structure, but human relationships. Psychotherapy is even more helpful for it not only provides those same things, but also helps one find what the addiction is a stand in for. This answer is always individual, and always both deeply personal and healing

Addiction Therapist

Jennifer Cole, M.A., C.C.C.

Counselling, Coaching and Consulting

Within Driving Distance of Victoria, BC

One is too many and a thousand is not enough... Addiction is our culture/society's way of dealing with the 'true desires of our hearts'. Stop beating yourself up, I am willing to bet that what started your addiction is not your fault. What matters now is us looking for the ways we can help you come into 'the fullness of life' that you are looking for!

Addiction Therapist

Hannah Caradonna, MSW, RCSW, RCC

Registered Clinical Social Worker, Registered Clinical Counsellor

#318-1175 Cook St., Victoria, BC V8V 4A1

If you are struggling with an addiction or have starting to collect some clean or sober time, you may notice that you have a lot of feelings that hit you. In the past, you may have covered these feelings up with your drug or addictive behavior but now that you are clean, the feelings are sitting in you begging to be dealt with. I can help you face these feelings and thoughts head on. In doing so, you will learn to deal with your feelings without turning to your addictive behavior. The benefit here is the ability to feel the entire range of feelings from deep sadness and anger to genuine happiness.

Addiction Therapist

George Bielay, MSc., RCC, MFT

Registered Clinical Counsellor, Marriage & Family Therapist

1235 Roslyn Road, Victoria, BC V8S 4R7

It takes courage the face the challenges of addiction, be it alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, shopping etc. Taking the first step towards reclaiming your life is vital in the recovery process. If you have decided, for whatever reason, that you want to stop your addiction and addictive behaviours, there is help available. Image having more energy and a renewed vitality of life. Discover the steps to cope with the addiction, learning how to manage and live life more fully.

Addiction Therapist

Cory Klath, BSW, MA, RSW, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor & Registered Social Worker

550 - 2950 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC V8T4N4

No one intentionally becomes addicted. It starts innocently enough, when we turning to something outside ourselves to have fun and feel better. And for a while, it works. Until it doesn’t. Whether it's drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping, sex, pornography, internet use or something else – without realizing it, we can lose control. And when we do, we start to lose who we are - in our mind, body, spirit, relationships and career. In my work, I help people to understand their addiction, to begin to regain control and to start to heal the pain underlying it all. It begins with acknowledging that we need help. If you are ready, give me a call. Maybe together, we can find a way through.

Addiction Therapist

Michelle Gay, M.A., RCC, CCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor, Canadian Certified Counsellor, Teacher (BC and TESL Canada)

1124 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3K8

I have experience and training in substance and process (behavioural) addiction. I draw on EMDR to help reduce the urges that result from specific triggers related to the addition. I also use a the psychotherapy process to help clients work through the painful experiences that resulted in addictions, work at repairing relationships and moving forward.

Addiction Therapist

Sharolyn Sloat, PhD, CPBC #1666

Psychologist (Registered with CPBC)

453 Head Street, West Bay Marina, Victoria, BC V9A 5S1

Dr. Sloat treats addiction using non-12 Step methods (including CBT), and while she welcomes people struggling with any stage of addiction, she specializes in working with those who are post-rehabilitation. It is important to understand why one becomes addicted in the first place, and it's important to establish new and healthy patterns that edge out the addictive ones such that relapse is less likely. During treatment Dr. Sloat touches upon the actual addictions, but mostly she focuses on the underlying reasons and factors that perpetuate them. If left untreated, addiction becomes "hard-wired" in, and Dr. Sloat helps people "re-wire" their lives.

Addiction Therapist

Patti Langlais, MA, RPC, CCHt

Registered Professional Counsellor

Online Therapist / Coach

Often in life, stress, responsibility and unhappiness can lead to managing/medicating with a variety of substances; marijuana, alcohol, gambling, sex, internet, drugs, ect. This can lead to an unbalance in the usage of these substances, create a significant strain and negative affect on relationships, family, work and one self. We will work to uncover the motivating force that has driven to substance abuse and help to regain control. Through this work we will strive to regain a healthy and balanced life, free of addiction or dependency.

Addiction Therapist

Janice Graham, Ph.D., RCC

Psychotherapist and Registered Clinical Counsellor

547 Michigan Street, suite #203, Victoria, BC V8V 1E2

There are many kinds of addictions including substance, sexual, internet, porn, shopping, shoplifting, some phobias and gambling. Specialized addictions counseling and medical intervention are advised where appropriate. Janice Graham will support you by helping you understand why you turn to addictive behaviours. You will identify the needs you are trying to meet and plan ways to resolve these needs and meet them in ways that do not destroy yourself and your relationships or involve you with the law. The place of 12 step programs and other support groups will be reviewed. My treatment approach is compassionate and accepting.

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