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Anger Management

Dr. Chris Nikolaidis, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

2345 East Coast Highway, Corona Del Mar, CA

Do you experience feelings of anger and irritation? I can help you to decrease your overall intensity and frequency of angry feelings and increase your ability to appropriately express your angry feelings as they occur. I can help you to develop an awareness of your current angry behaviors, clarify their origins, and learn healthy alternatives to anger. I can help you to come to an awareness and acceptance of your feelings of anger while developing a better sense of control and peace. I have many years of experience helping Corporate Executives learn ways to overcome their anger. Call 24/7 by clicking or texting (949)791-7127. Take the first step toward learning how to manage your anger.

Anger Management

Philip Kolba, MA


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Anger is normal emotion that everyone experiences. It becomes a problem when one expresses anger inappropriately or one lacks the proficiency to express any emotions but anger. I use Humanistic and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) to help my clients understand their anger, improve their emotional experience, and express their emotions in healthy ways. A healthy emotional life is the cornerstone of living a full and successful life.

Anger Management

Robert Puff, M.A., M.Div., Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Within Driving Distance of Corona Del Mar, CA

Anger work is a psychological tool which is used to heal from past and present emotional pains. The basic premise of Anger Work is to let go of emotionally painful events by focusing on them and expressing anger about the pain. By focusing on the trauma over and over, the pain will gradually go away, never to affect you again. (Specific, hands-on techniques are discussed later in this article) A comparison can be made between our physical health and our emotional health. When the body experiences a severe laceration or other injury, if the wound is left unattended it will get infected. Eventually, it will fester and may even turn into gangrene, a life threatening condition. If, however, the wo....

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