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Anger Management

Carolyn Westin, CCC

Certified Counsellor Therapist

6 Queen Square South, Saint John, NB E2L 1R7

Anger is most often a secondary emotion, which means it arises out of another emotion. I work to help uncover the emotions that lie underneath anger and drive it in one's life. I encourage the client to be able to look at these emotions and thoughts that go with them. They are not the enemy. It is by opening up to what is underlying one's anger, that the anger diminishes. The path of anger can often be well worn and deeply rutted, making change difficult. When one is encouraged to move off this path through this awareness and acceptance, change happens.

Anger Management

Andrew Wallace, M.S.W., R.S.W.

Registered Social Worker

Within Driving Distance of Saint John, NB

For those who have been identified as having an anger management problem, it's often others who are most concerned about them seeking help. Others may want a change very much, but it is sometimes hard to be clear about the benefits that can come from handling one's own anger more effectively. In my work with clients who have had problems with their anger, we build on the individual's own motivation for change to find effective alternatives to anger in day to day life.

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