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Anger Management

Ron Gravis, MA, LPC, LCDC, NCC, CSAT

Licensed Professional Counselor

26205 Oak Ridge Drive, Suite 112, The Woodlands, TX 77380

Anger has everything to do with personal history and hurt. Checking into these bottom lines yields clarity and growth. I am deeply aware of/value your story. Yet I also understand the necessity of taking responsibility for the effect our downward spirals have on those we love. Anger therapy walks the line between uncovering painful wounds, turning related conceptual "lights" on and ultimately doing the "head, heart and gut-checks" necessary to heal and move into a more healthy emotional/behavioral life. You'll find the support and tools to accomplish each of these here. I'd be honored to walk with you!

Anger Management

James Toth, MA, LMFT-S, LPC-S

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

26205 Oak Ridge Drive, Suite 118, The Woodlands, TX 77380

Don't let anger sabotage your relationships and future. Learn to resolve conflicts, diffuse anger, manage your behavior and live life productively. James helps clients struggling with anger and conflict by giving them tools to resolve their issues and supporting them throughout the growth process. Develop insight through awareness, discover healthy ways to express emotions, and techniques for abating anger. Call today for help.

Anger Management

Philip Kolba, MA


Online Therapist / Coach

I provide individual psychotherapy for anger management. Anger is normal emotion that everyone experiences. It becomes a problem when one expresses anger inappropriately or one lacks the proficiency to express any emotions but anger. I use Humanistic and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) to help my clients understand their anger, improve their emotional experience, and express their emotions in healthy ways. A healthy emotional life is the cornerstone of living a full and successful life.

Anger Management

Sue Watkins, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

9595 Six Pines, Suite 8210, The Woodlands, TX 77380

Anger can ruin a relationship. Your anger that is out of control is not because of the other person. It is your issue. Anger management is a process of learning other ways to express how you feel and learning what really is underneath your anger. The process can be difficult because you are not used to being vulnerable and really honest about yourself but you can do it. And you can reclaim the lost relationships in your life.

Anger Management

Victor Wiesner, PhD, LPC, NCC, CCMHC

Licensed Professional Counselor

25301 Borough Park Drive, Suite 129, The Woodlands, TX 77380

I have conducted anger management groups nearly every week for a 6 year period from 1997 to 2003. Since then I have obtained my doctorate and have gone on to conduct dozens of individual sessions. I have written many letters to the courts on behalf of clients. The first phase in my treatment approach involves identifying as many physical signs and symptoms that you are becoming distressed. With practice one can often recognize anger sooner and this is helpful because the sooner anger is recognized, the easier it is to manage. Typically thoughts and actions both drive feelings. The next step then is to learn methods to self-soothe using actions and positive self-talk. Many more techniques.

Anger Management

David Weir, MA, MS, LPC, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor

719 Sawdust Rd., Suite 320, The Woodlands, TX 77380

Anger reactions become more habitual, spontaneous, and extreme over time leaving you with an impression that it is impossible for you to control. I have years' of success in introducing brief therapy approaches that will help you to to diffuse the escalation of the anger so the focus can be more on working through issues at hand to reach more positive and healthier resolutions.

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