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Stress & Anxiety


Licensed Specialized Clinical Social Worker

Within Driving Distance of Kansas City, KS

Anxiety, stress, panic attacks or worry can be debilitating! If you find yourself spiraling again & again, in debilitating anxiety, please know that therapy can help you to understand the anxiety process and help you learn how to manage your anxiety effectively. I have over fifty proven anxiety-reduction tools that I use with clients who have anxiety-related issues. Are you ready to stop worrying? Contact me!

Stress & Anxiety

Kristal Krahl-Camp, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

155 S. 18th Street, Suite 200, Kansas City, KS

Anxiety and stress can wreak havoc on your body and life. You can only take so much. Sometimes things get so overwhelming that you feel paralyzed and cannot function. I offer ways to learn and understand your anxiety and stress, ways to manage it, and reduce it. I will give you the tools to identify the triggers and ways to prioritize the things that are important to you.

Stress & Anxiety

Barbara Cleverdon, M.S., LCMFT

Licensed Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist

1225 N. 78th St., Suite A, KANSAS CITY, KS

Anxiety often develops during our growing up years that seem to manifest itself during our adult years when the stresses of life can take its tole. We will explore the root of your anxiety, as well as teach skills to manage it before it gets out of hand. If willing, using hypnosis can help one get in touch with those often forgotten memories. Through hypnosis, one can express the pain, frustration, hurt and anger that often gets stored in our bodies.

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