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Career / Jobs Counselor

Jennifer Maddox, LCSW, MASM

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

4495 Hale Parkway, Suite 204, Denver, CO 80220

Often in the search to find yourself, you can discover that you need to change fields, move jobs or reassess your career priorities. We look at what work means to you, how you want to spend your days and assess how those wants and needs are different than reality. We then start working on bridging the gap between your imagined career and your present reality. While I do not offer specific career testing or job placement skills I will work with you to discover a career or path that will lead you to an ultimately more complete and fulfilling life.

Career / Jobs Counselor

Nancy Harris, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

1633 Fillmore Street, Suite 390, Denver, CO 80206

As both a licensed psychotherapist and certified life coach, I have the skills to help you remove the blocks to a more satisfying life and career. Oftentimes limiting beliefs and underlying fears keep us from achieving our dreams and fulfilling our potential. I can help you identify the beliefs and fears that are keeping you stuck in your career and help you effectively remove these blocks. As a coach I will support you in creating an action plan and provide a safe place for you to be held accountable to working on your goals. When facing a change or challenge, we all need someone who believes in us. Feel free to call to see how I may help and support you in taking your next step.

Career / Jobs Counselor

Mikey Brackett, MA, NCC, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

789 Sherman st suite 440, Denver, CO 80203

Career affects all of life. We are not merely people with jobs. The primary approach to career counseling is based on the perspective that people are much more than mere workers or employees and that to pursue a life lived well requires one to discover an approach to work that is centered in 'being' not mere 'doing'. Career Counseling is a very hands on experience and there are many applicable resources available that provide great feedback and insight. Through Career Counseling I will seek to help the client find meaning, peace, and joy through their work, together we will search for a vocation.

Career / Jobs Counselor

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

While most career counselors love to give you capacity based profiles of what your talents and interests are for your best bet career choices, Grey Matters international believes that most people make predictably irrational decisions and then after making them learn way to make them fit into their identities using various types of rationalizations and strategies. We are able to assist folks in career counseling type settings by giving a deeper look at their decision making profile so they can better understand where the core frustration or desire is coming from in the world of work. Contact or 877-606-6161.

Career / Jobs Counselor

Karen Turner, LMFT, DAPA

Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor

Within Driving Distance of Denver, CO

If you have goals in mind, we can work together, especially since I have psychological-based skills to help you work through blocks you may be experiencing to fulfilling those goals. We can use step-by-step exercises to help focus and guide you. The exercises I use are specifically created to help you see where you might be getting stuck, and I provide the help to break through those fears and obstacles.

Career / Jobs Counselor

Brooke McAuley, MSW, CACIII

Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Addictions Counselor

975 Lincoln Street, Suite 202, Denver, CO 80203

Career counseling offers an exploratory yet structured avenue for creating change and advancement in your career. Together we will create a vision for a career that supports your gifts and talents. I provide a space for reflection and an opportunity to do dynamic exercises that will enhance your career building path. During the course of our work together we will identify and transform thought barriers that have kept your from manifesting greatness in your career. You will receive support, understanding and accountability as you expand your career horizons.

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