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Career / Jobs Counselor

Michael Govan, MA, LLP, LPC, LSGC, EMDR II

Licensed Professional Counselor

2888 East Long lake, Suite # 170, {Oakland and Macomb County}, Troy, MI

Although I am not a specific Career Counselor, I work often with clients (and outside Career Counselors) on establishing things like "who they really are", and "what they really want from life". I've found that those who have Career issues also have issues around their identity and self worth. I help them understand how the "World of Work Map" is used and what it means for them. I help them move from expectations on their life to what they might want to do with their life. Come on in and let me give you a free consultation of what I have to offer!!!

Career / Jobs Counselor

Elizabeth Talbot, L.P.C., L.M.S.W., A.C.S.W.

Liz Grazioli-Talbot

Within Driving Distance of Troy, MI

When a client comes to Kairos Counseling Center for career counseling, the first approach to helping you zero in on your strengths is an evaluation tool called the Holland Career Exploration. We identfy careers that match your strengths. Step two is finding the training sites that help you achieve your career goals. How to access the financial aid department at the campus you have chosen is another step to furthering your educational and career goals.

Career / Jobs Counselor

Thomas Bruno, LLP

Specialist in Clinical Pyschology

Within Driving Distance of Troy, MI

Are you in the right career? If the answer is no you are probably like many people in the work force - unhappy. Too often individuals are letting work identify them, rather than picking out WHAT THEY WANT TO DO IN LIFE. Testing on what one is suited to do can usually be accomplished on a college level. When one spends most of their waking hours on a job or in a profession - being in the right place is important.

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