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Career / Jobs Counsellor

Keltie Taylor, M.A.

Clinical Counsellor

1295 North Service Road, Burlington, ON L7R 4M2

The career we choose is extremely important. Traditionally most people spent the majority of their lives doing one particular profession, nowadays we are seeing people switch professions multiple times in their career. But simply switching professions is not the answer, but rather, switching to a profession that makes you come alive. Working somewhere 40 hours or more a week that you don’t enjoy can be sure to increase your personal level of stress and anxiety. A lot of times people end up in the wrong careers because they feel the pressure to make a certain amount of money, to have a job that makes them appear intelligent.

Career / Jobs Counsellor

Bayridge Counselling Centre

Individual, Couples, and Family Counselling

1295 North Service Rd, Burlington, ON L7R 4M2

According to one study, about 75% of the population feels stuck in a job that they find unsatisfying. It does not have to be that way! It is possible to pursue a vocation that maps on to your values, passion, natural abilities and environment. Whether you are new to Canada, just entering the work force, in transition, or functioning with a disability - a career counsellor can help you explore your options, discover your passion, and develop your skills to make good decisions about your future.

Career / Jobs Counsellor

Joyce Li, PMP, MCC


Within Driving Distance of Burlington, ON

We all have unique personalities, life gifts, talents and values. Each of us also has a seed of passion that is waiting to be cultivated to the full bloom. We feel enriched, satisfied and fulfilled when we exercise our special qualities. Finding the right career can provide meaning and fulfillment that contribute to our well-being and longevity. Joyce has over 30 years of experience in IT, business, consulting, teaching, and counseling in both corporate and non-profit environment. She is also a certified Personality Trainer. Joyce can guide you in exploring a career that aligns with your passion, fits your personality type, compliments your strengths, and energizes you to live your best.

Career / Jobs Counsellor

Rebecca Rosenblat-Billings

B.Sc. (Hons) Psych, RP, CSAT, Cert LC

1295 North Service Rd., Burlington, ON L7R 4M2

Being a trained Life Coach, I help clients identify their dreams, bent and natural gifts, so they can build careers which utilize their skill set. From there, I help them set SMART goals – i.e. Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Time-focused – broken down into smaller goals, so they never get discouraged, plus they get to witness and celebrate their progress every step of the way. I believe in walking alongside the client in their journey to complete what they set out to do, tackling obstacles as they come – shyness, communication issues, confidence, etc. – so nothing will stop them!

Career / Jobs Counsellor

Kevin-Joel Coupland, BTh. Ed.

Kevin_Joel Coupland

1295 North Service Rd, Burlington, ON L7R 4M2

I believe in the ability of people to determine what is best for themselves, yet at times, the path is not always clear. I enjoy working with clients to determine what their personal best might be and how they will reach their goals. I look forward to being a part of the journey which involves listening, supporting, and asking tough questions that will make the path forward visible and achievable.

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