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Child Counselor

Kristal Krahl-Camp, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

155 S. 18th Street, Suite 200, Kansas City, KS

Children are not miniature adults. The way they see the world is different. They often don't have words to express how they are feeling so you will often see them act out with negative behaviors. Helping children learn to express themselves in healthy ways, learn about their emotions, and work through the issues they struggle with is very important to me. The things they go though as a child can and will shape who they are throughout life. I hope to make it as positive and healthy as possible.

Child Counselor


Licensed Specialized Clinical Social Worker

Within Driving Distance of Kansas City, KS

I enjoy working with Children 12 years and older. Pre-teens and teenagers are going through so much and are living in a world that they receive so many messages by the media! It is hard to make good decisions with the onslaught of messages they are bombarded with. Counseling can help a young child to feel safe enough to open up and begin to address 'scary things' in their lives. It would be an honor for me to work with your child.

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