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Christian Counselor

Sue McCullough, LCSW

Licensed Clincial Social Worker

Within Driving Distance of Boulder, CO

I believe in one God, creator of all. I believe that God loves us and forgives us. I believe God speaks to us if we only listen. I believe God wants the best for us. No matter where you are, God is there with you to protect you and guide you. I pray for my clients during my own prayer time and will pray with you during a session. I believe being a psychotherapist is my calling and I allow the Spirit to lead me during my sessions with clients. I will always remember that you are God's child and treat you with love and respect.

Christian Counselor

Stewart Brown, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

1650 38th St.--Suite 206E, Boulder, CO 80301

Christian counseling implies a relationship based on trust and honesty. When Jesus talked about loving your enemies, He might have had our own internal "enemies" in mind as well, and in therapy that means first understanding them, and then healing them. Being a Christian Psychologist, at least to this clinician, has little to do with doctrine. I am open to a client with questions, but not likely to bring up religion myself.

Christian Counselor

Sarah Walsh, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Within Driving Distance of Boulder, CO

I am a Christian personally, and I also can incorporate Christian values and beliefs into my practice as much or as little as each client would like. At my practice, there is an atmosphere of freedom for each client to explore and discuss any spiritual or religious questions or struggles that they might have. I am a firm believer in the fact that Jesus is the true healer of our deepest pain and difficulties.

Christian Counselor

Randy Compton, MA

Registered Somatic Psychotherapist

1503 Yarmouth Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

My belief in God rests with a deep connection to Mother Mary and Jesus Christ that comes from my family lineage. I am a spiritual counselor and psychotherapist that believes that some of what we can accomplish, we do on our own and some must be done by God. My training is not traditional but rather experiential and more on the mystic side. If you are willing to bring in your Christian faith with an open mind and heart, I am willing to work with you. My approach combines scriptural study and personal reflection. I see ourselves as growing into our divinity and will work with you to grow into and deepen your own divinity through the path of Christ. This form of counseling will heal wounds.

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