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Christian Counselor

Sarah Chana Radcliffe, M.Ed., C.Psych


3130 Bathurst St. Suite 211, Toronto, ON M6A 2A1

As an observant Jew, I have a deep spiritual faith that informs my work. Life is not separate from spirituality and solutions to life's problems cannot be complete without drawing on spiritual resources. Indeed, counseling touches on the deepest, most important existential issues that human beings deal with. Whether or not individuals practice a specific religion or even believe in God, I find that virtually everyone can relate to, learn from and benefit from the profound wisdom that is ours to draw on.

Christian Counselor

Sandra Lewis, MA

Psychotherapist, coach

126 Seaton Street, Toronto, ON M5A 2T3

I work strongly within a spiritual framework, and am happiest when we can see problems as challenges within that sense of spirituality. As a grief counsellor, I also see and work with spiritual crises of faith, where one's faith can be severely tested by traumas, illness and death. Often people will find their trust in a higher power is eroded when someone they love suffers.

Christian Counselor

Tammy Laber, MA, MACP, OACCPP, RP

Coach and Counsellor, Registered Psychotherapist

Pape and Danforth, Toronto, ON M4J 1C3

I am familiar with the Jewish community, and able to provide counselling that is sensitive to the needs of Orthodox, Conservative and other Jews. I understand traditions such as the holidays, Kashrut, and the Sabbath. If you want someone who is comfortable with your Judaism and wants to improve your life without in any way violating your religious faith, I may be able to help you.

Christian Counselor

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

Toronto, ON M5J 2T3

While most Christian Counselors pride themselves on how many Scriptural passages they can recite and how many links they can make from the Bible to psychological disorders, the Christian-centric work of Grey Matters International, grounded in one principle: truth. For us, the work is more about truth and transparency of Christ's message and working on the natural laws of accountability and decision making that evolves from that. If one honors God's natural laws of reaping and sowing around the decisions one makes, one is indeed living Scripture to its fullest. We prepare the brain to better maximize the spiritual realities of Christ's words. Contact

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