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Patricia Starbird, M.S., LPC/MHSP, EMDRIA Certified

Licensed Professional Counselor

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Perhaps you & your partner are bickering more frequently and damaging your relationship. Maybe your partner has stopped communicating with you & doesn't give you enough attention anymore. Or maybe you've discovered those things you used to think were so adorable or "unique" about your partner are now driving you crazy. Opposite traits often attract us while we are dating, but can become a problem when, for example, night after night your spouse wants to stay home and you need to go out to be around people. Couples therapy can clarify the issues and find a way for both you & your partner to have your needs met. I can help you explore ways to fix your relationship issues.

Amanda Gilliam, M.S.

Licensed Marital & Family Therapist

When two individuals commit to sharing lives together, even what seems to be the smallest stressor can be challenging at times. Relationships require time, commitment and investment in one another to face challenges large and small. Problems with one partner or both can weigh heavy on the relationship and can be explored to overcome. When couples are willing to address concerns and formulate solutions together, most relational distress is manageable. When this tension is left unaddressed, this can often breed resentment, greater obstacles, and deeper pain in the relationship. Whether you are dating, pre-marital, or have been married, couples counseling can be healthy for anyone looking to strengthen and maintain relationships.

Lara Edington, MA, CPC

MA in Prof. Counseling & Certified Prof. Coach

9111 Cross Park Dr. Suite D200, Knoxville, Tennessee 37923

I work with couples on a variety of problem areas such as Intimacy, Trust, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Long Term Goals, Expectations of the Relationship, Finances, etc. Coaching sessions are filled with energy and are very different from typical talk therapy. Couples get homework assignments and report back on a regular basis. I also work with Co-Parenting in order to help both parties understand how their decisions and style of communication are effecting their children. We come up with ways to deal with areas of concern such as health and wellness, finances, cultural/spiritual, and recreation.

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