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Couples Counselor

Dr. Chris Nikolaidis, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

2345 East Coast Highway, Corona Del Mar, CA

Stuck in the same arguments? Does your partner have feelings for someone else? Are you dissatisfied with your sex life? Do you and your partner no longer have the closeness and love that you used to have? In couples counseling, I can help you identify and experience your emotions. I can help you make sense of, transform, and manage your emotions, improve communication, and rebuild what was lost. I can help you reconnect and and bring a renewed excitement to your relationship. Looking for a couples counselor and distinguished psychologist who is passionate about helping couples? Call, click or text (949)791-7127 today 24/7 to book an appointment.

Couples Counselor

Philip Kolba, MA


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There are countless models of healthy romantic relationships, from monogamous to polyamorous, and unique variations between partners. The scripts for dating and longterm relationships of our parents’ generations may not be applicable to your relationship, and there is no formal education in how to be a good partner or how to identify unhealthy relationships. But there is psychological research that shows that effective communication, emotional openness, intimacy, and other factors contribute to healthy relationships. Creating these conditions are skills that can be learned. I practice brief humanistic and emotion-focused therapy (EFT) to help my LGBTQ and hetero clients learn these skills.

Couples Counselor

Robert Puff, M.A., M.Div., Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Within Driving Distance of Corona Del Mar, CA

Marriage counseling can be the best thing you can do for your relationship, whether you’re having marriage problems or not. Either way, the skills learned in marriage counseling can help you find happiness and satisfaction with your spouse. If you are having significant problems, and you want marriage counseling to work, you need to be willing to put everything into it. You cannot shut down and refuse to participate because you “already made your decision.” Give your marriage a chance. Give yourself and your spouse a chance to be happy. I have helped many couples, and I have found that the majority of them benefit from the therapy and gain happier marriages. Unfortunately, many couples wait ye....

Couples Counselor

Sandy Hume, MA, LMFT, EMDR Certified

Licensed Psychotherapist

2721 E. Coast Hwy Suite 209, Corona del Mar, CA

Relationships are the most important part of our lives, yet we are rarely prepared for the sophisticated nature of them. Conflict in your relationship is a natural result of two people with different perspectives. Without tools and experience to help us, we often misunderstand each other, fail to communicate effectively, and lose each other over time. Couple counseling in all phases of a relationship (dating, pre-marital, marriage separation or divorce) can provide a framework to safely explore your relationship issues, build in trust and understanding for each other, heal past wounds, and develop new tools and behaviors that will allow you to create a healthy, caring partnership.

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