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Couples Counselor

Kristal Krahl-Camp, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

155 S. 18th Street, Suite 200, Kansas City, KS

People see the word "Couples" and think it is just for married people. It is for those who are dating, living together, roommates, best friends, and those who are married. The common theme here is that there are two of you and you share some form of a relationship. We are created for connection, to be in relationship with others. That does not always go smoothly. Relationships take work and sometimes it is helpful to have a third party who has experience in dealing with differences and communication. Most issues I see come down to those two things and are easy to work with.

Couples Counselor

Barbara Cleverdon, M.S., LCMFT

Licensed Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist

1225 N. 78th St., Suite A, KANSAS CITY, KS

In couples counseling, I explore the needs of both parties, their personal goals, their dream for the future and how the two people can live out their lives either together, supporting one another, or determining the direction of the relationship. We will look at personality styles, communication, cultural differences and the ability to repair and/or accept repair.

Couples Counselor


Licensed Specialized Clinical Social Worker

Within Driving Distance of Kansas City, KS

Are you thinking about getting married, but not sure if you are ready? Are you married, but struggling with issues that threaten to stability of your union? Have you lived through an affair and need healing? As a Prepare & Enrich Marriage Counselor, I can help you! The work begins with a comprehensive online assessment that each individual takes. The results are captured in a Couple's Report that provide me with an overview of eight key areas important to the health of a committed relationship. You will have validated what your strengths are; but more importantly, you will have highlighted the areas you are struggling in and need growth to happen. Change can happen! Let's begin work

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