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Couples Counselor

Philip Kolba, MA


Online Therapist / Coach

There are countless models of healthy romantic relationships, from monogamous to polyamorous, and unique variations between partners. The scripts for dating and longterm relationships of our parents’ generations may not be applicable to your relationship, and there is no formal education in how to be a good partner or how to identify unhealthy relationships. But there is psychological research that shows that effective communication, emotional openness, intimacy, and other factors contribute to healthy relationships. Creating these conditions are skills that can be learned. I practice brief humanistic and emotion-focused therapy (EFT) to help my LGBTQ and hetero clients learn these skills.

Couples Counselor

Wesley M. Eades, Ph.D., LPC, LMFT

Licensed Professional Counselor & Pastoral Psychotherapist

900 Austin Avenue, Suite 803, Waco, TX 76701

About half of my work is with couples. To paraphrase the Anna Karinan principle, happy couples are all very similar, but unhappy couples are often unhappy in very unique ways. I have 30+ years of experience in helping couples explore the sources of their discontent, and in helping them reframe their relationships in more life-giving ways. I rely largely on family systems theory and on the Enneagram system in helping couples.

Couples Counselor

Salley Schmid, MS, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

6501 Sanger Avenue, Suite 102, Waco, TX 76710

I love to work with couples: dating, engaged, newly married, long time married, re-married (blended family). I love to help you set yourselves up for a long happy life, recover from a struggle such as infidelity or combine with a new spouse and family. Relationships are critical to our happiness yet a frequent source of great unhappiness. I believe that is because we think they should come naturally. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Humans, relationships and communication are immeasurably complex. The earlier you seek support in your relationship, the better the success rate. Couples counseling is not at its best as a last ditch effort. It is best a a preventive approach.

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