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Depression Therapist

Pamela Rubin, CCC, MEd, RCT-C

Canadian Certified Counselor

Within Driving Distance of Halifax, NS

Depression can feel solid, stifling and heavy. In counselling, I bring you options to begin to unravel depression's grip. By encouraging your inner desire for happiness and peace, I can help you tip the balance back toward well being. I show you how to discover depression's message - often it is telling us we need to rebalance and let go of old beliefs. This is more than possible for all of us - I support you as you shift toward the life you want. Using gentle, non-traumatic approaches, I offer options for you to craft your own unique journey. When we start to listen deeply to ourselves, depression no longer needs to clobber us - I offer you techniques you can start using today.

Depression Therapist

Nick Zwaagstra, MC:AT, RCAT, CCC, RCT

Registered Counselling Therapist / Registered Art Therapist

3621 Dutch Village Road, Halifax, NS B3N 2T1

Depression can take many forms and it is more than just routine sadness. I view depression as indicator that something needs attention and care - and is not just about pathology. I would explore the context and psycho-social issues. Sometimes depression surprisingly has a function (or productive) and sometimes it can be debilitating. We will explore together from a holistic perspective and help to develop better ways to manage or cope

Depression Therapist

Janice A. Graham, Ph.D., RCC

Psychotherapist - Professional Therapy by Phone & Email

Within Driving Distance of Halifax, NS

Do you feel sad, unmotivated, hopeless, helpless, weepy, maybe sleep too much or too little? Have you lost interest in your friends, activities, sex? Have you felt this way for a long time and your relationships and job are suffering? Maybe you have tried prescription drugs or used alcohol or other substance. Now, though, you want to take charge yourself and see some turnaround in your life. Counseling begins with you talking about what is happening in your life. I'll ask questions to help you get a clear understanding of causes and themes. We'll discuss different approaches and behaviours for you to try. Maybe Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or a Trauma Relief therapy would be good for you.

Depression Therapist

Kelly Copeland, CCC, RCT, CTRS

Registered Counselling Therapist, Canadian Certified Counselor, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

Lifemark Sport and Health Centre - Canada Games Centre - 26 Thomas Raddall Drive, Suite 182, Halifax, NS B3S 0E2

The emotions and feelings that accompany depression can seem powerful and overwhelming. Although our natural reaction is to bury these feelings they can actually move us toward newfound awareness and healing. Using Jungian Psychotherapy tools your feelings of sadness, anger, hopelessness and fatigue will be expressed in a safe and caring environment. Methods will be used and taught to integrate and transform these emotions. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy may be used to replace worrisome thoughts with healthier and more positive ways of viewing stressors and life events. Education on self-care, relaxation training, proper nutrition and exercise may also be provided.

Depression Therapist

Mike Buckley, PhD Psych, MA Coun, RCT, CCC.

Registered Counselling Therapist (RCT)

Within Driving Distance of Halifax, NS

Depression has been called the common cold of mental health. We all get it many times in our life. But when it comes and stays, affecting our work, our family, and our enjoyment of life - then it's time to do some deeper work. Medication, exercise, good nutrition and well balanced sleep can all help with recovery, but talk therapy is often the key that turns the lock on the prison cell of depression. In my experience depression often has deep, even unexpected roots. Tracing unresolved anger, guilt, frustration, and other issues may lead to freedom. Call and we can meet to discuss your story. Then we can plan how to get you unstuck, moving forward, and back to a better level of health

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