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Family Counsellor

Deborah MacDonald, RP, RPC, ATC

Registered Psycotherapist, Registered Counsellor

112 Athol Street, Whitby Ontario, Whitby, ON

Working as a family to resolve challenges offers a unique opportunity for learning and growth. Families are at their best, a collective, supporting unit and when experiencing challenges the pain and the frustration of family life can be very difficult. The good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel! Deborah takes a systems approach to helping families to celebrate the joys and manage the challenges of the family unit.

Family Counsellor

Douglas Lane Smith, B.A, M.A., Ph.D., C.Psych.

Registered Licensed Psychologist

867 Bradley Drive, Whitby, ON

Dr. Smith has practiced family therapy since 1980 all over Canada. He works with families who are willing to heal conflicts and learn healthy ways of support, encouragement and support. His usual entrance into family work comes from working with individuals and couples. He has found that when one person in a family has problems the whole family does also. Dr. Smith has also found that an individual or a couple cannot solve the problem until the whole family supports the client or couple. Moreover, families repeat the same problems from one generation to the other until someone changes the dynamics. Professional help is often the solution to resolving the issues one is facing in life.

Family Counsellor

Jeff Packer, MSW, RSW

Registered Masters Level Social Work Counsellor

Within Driving Distance of Whitby, ON

Families undergo constant change as each member strives to learn, grow and develop individually and in relation to others. Stress and challenges are a normal part of family development and, at times, these can become "too much" to handle alone. When arguments, disagreements, confusion and conflict arise it can be quite helpful to draw upon an experienced family systems specialist. Assessing and prioritizing concerns and developing a game plan for improving communication, relationships and overall functioning is available. Teamwork require good coaches (parents/caregivers) and good coaches benefit from training. Problem-solving, mediation and stress management coaching improves family.

Family Counsellor


Registered Marriage and Family Therapist

942 Roundelay Drive, Whitby, ON

My approach to family therapy is rooted in family systems therapy. To a degree we are all part of a greater system where each part affect other parts of a system. The systems therapy views change in terms of the systems of interaction between family members. I do believe that family relationships are important factor in psychological health. We at Ontario Association for Marriage and Family Therapy believe that marriage or any other form of intimate relationship is the most precious relationship in one’s life. I treat it that way.

Family Counsellor

David Currie, Hons. BA Psychology, MSW, RSW

Registered Social Worker/Therapist

105 Consumers Drive, Whitby, ON

Is there conflict, tension or pain in your family? Do you have a view of how you would like things to be? Are you interested in how things could change? All families go through different challenges when communication is not working, arguments seem to go nowhere and stress and tension is taking its toll. Family therapy can help restore and improve communication, increase understanding and bring about change. It can reduce stress and tension for all and get things back on track. I practice solution-focused brief counselling which focuses on the strengths family members have and uses them to build effective solutions in areas that are important to you.

Family Counsellor

Derek Wright, B.S.W., M.S.W., R.S.W.

Registered Clinical Social Worker

105 Consumers Drive, Unit #2, Whitby, ON

Whether your family is blended, has a hectic schedule to follow, has very little time to spend together, or other issues to contend with, therapy can help. Therapy can help family members to communicate more openly with one another allowing differences to be understood, discussed, and resolved to make your family more healthy and united.

Family Counsellor

New Roots Therapy, B.A., M.Sc., AAMFT

Individual, Couple and Family Therapy

213 Byron Street South, Unit 203, Whitby, ON

In working with families, we aim to explore the power dynamics that exist between individual members and the ways in which these dynamics can work to maintain a particular pattern that is not of interest to everyone in the family. We look at the ways these patterns can prevent "success", or the achievement of what it is the family truly wants and values. In this way, we adopt a method of systemic or relational thinking; we hope to understand patterns rather than making any one person in the family the "problem". As such, we understand problems as a system of unsatisfying responses. Note: When working with families, there are times when it is useful to meet with members individually.

Family Counsellor

Tressa Porter, M.A.

Therapist and Consultant

Online Therapist / Coach

Family therapy is a process for everyone to feel heard, understood and that their needs matter. From the youngest to the eldest all our needs matter. Through a process of growing empathy for each other, we can explore creative ways where everyone can get their needs met and everyone can have space to be themselves. Sometimes we all get confused about what we are really wanting. So often conflict and misunderstandings create isolation in even the most loving families. Our work together is to make the time and space to understand each other and find the way back from conflict to connection.

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