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Family Counsellor

Sam Whelan, MMFT, CD

BA (Psych), Masters (Marriage & Family Therapy), CD

Winnipeg, MB R2V 0B2

For the most part families are where an individual develops. All of us, no matter what age, are at some stage of development. As such our siblings, parents, children, spouses, and extended family all have the possibility to contribute to our development in a variety of healthy and unhealthy ways. The purpose of family therapy is to assist in the exploration our subjective and collective development and to increase healthy development while decreasing unhealthy development.

Family Counsellor

Luella Jonk, PhD, RP, CPC

Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Professional Counsellor

2-305 Kingston Crescent, Winnipeg, MB R2M0T5

I treat family relationships similar to any relationship, being mindful that there is a heightened emotional connection to one another. In this way, emotional focused therapy or EFT provides a wonderful tool to gather a clearer picture of the root cause of the conflict. There are effective scripts that Gottman Method relies on to solve conflict and bring understanding between two people. I use these tools to come to a compromise. The secret is to put ones' insecurities at rest, and wholeheartedly try to understand the need and longing of the other. Once we understand the core need of our loved one, and why it is so important to them, we can often create peace and compromise.

Family Counsellor

Susan Wenzel, MA; PACCP

Psychotherapist/ Clinical Sexologist/ Sex-Therapist ;

E-118 Sherbrook Street, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2B4

My goal with families is to create a safe place where everyone can feel heard and respected. Different families have different ways of relating to each other. Therapeutic work consists of the clients learning the family structure and the beliefs and values that their family encompasses. Sometime the perceived problem is caused by one of the family members, who do not agree or regard the same values as the rest of the family, and therefore the person becomes the “scapegoat”. I help the client identify the underlying root cause of the problem; help them to find the strength that they have as the family and how those strengths can work for to their benefit.

Family Counsellor

Tammy Blahy, Ph.D., MSW RSW, CCC

Psychotherapist, Social Worker, Clinical Counsellor

141 Marion Street, Winnipeg, MB R2H 0T3

Families are comprised of different individuals, with different ideas, different interests, and different personalities. Sometimes, the stress of balancing the differences can interfere with healthy family relationships. Seeking counselling in a safe, supportive environment, can provide families a place to share their individual differences. Working with a nonjudgmental therapists, common goals can be identified. An increased awareness of differences in communication, interests, and needs can help a family get back to positive family interactions.

Family Counsellor

Soul Work Therapies, Donna Johnson, M.Ed., DVATI, MMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist; Art Therapist; Time Line Therapist; Reiki Master

202 - 1345 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2B6

Families have so much happening within them. Children grow up and change, teens begin to learn about who they are and more change takes place. What are the family rules you play by? Are they working or not? Do you want to create a new set of family understandings based on love and respect? Donna is a marriage and family therapist who is keen on helping families to understand and create for themselves a new framework of understanding each other and uses a wide variety of methodologies for doing so.

Family Counsellor

Petra Kaufmann, BSc, MD, MMFT

Individual, Couple and Family Therapist

497 Corydon Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3G 1G7

As an experienced Marriage and Family Therapist, I provide compassionate and supportive therapeutic support for families, whatever their configuration - traditional two parent household, single parent, same-sex parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, or families of choice - and whatever stage of life - new parents, empty nesters, or families with adult children. I help parents find ways to manage parenting difficulties, help families negotiate conflict, and support families facing change and loss. I work with individual family members of all ages, with parents, and with family groups of all sizes, depending on circumstance and on what would be most helpful.

Family Counsellor

Jody Harris, MMFT

Individual, Marriage and Family Therapist

1-1549 St. Mary's Road, Winnipeg, MB R2M 5G9

I have always believed that families as a unit are only as good and strong as the parts or people that firm them. It is my belief that if one person in a family is not functioning well, this affects the whole family. It is important to understand family dynamics and the roles that people hold within the family. Interventions can involve strategic therapeutic interventions or structural interventions. I have also begun using top laying which is very helpful in getting a child to understand their parents position on something.

Family Counsellor

Gerry Pettyjohn, MA, CSRT

Certified Sexual Recovery Therapist

3527 Pembina Highway (Entrance at rear of building), Winnipeg, MB R3V 1A5

If you have teenage boys that need to learn about healthy sexuality, I can assist you and your sons. I have experience counselling teenagers (with their parents present if they are open to it) on the dangers of pornography and acting out sexually before marriage. Many parents want to be present in these sessions to hear what I am saying to their sons so that they can later have healthy discussions around sexuality.

Family Counsellor

Mary-Ann Roy, BFA; MA

Certified Counselling Therapist

201 Portage Avenue West; 18th Floor, Winnipeg, MB R3B 3K6

Every day I see families that just need that extra bit of help to bring peace and joy into their homes. I will "tailor-make" our sessions to suit the particular needs of your family and your situation. For couples, whether just learning how to be together or for those who have been together for a long time, there is always a way to work through issues so that there is a true oneness achieved for both.

Family Counsellor

Riverbend Counselling & Wellness Therapy, Coaching, Seminars, MA, PACCC

Counselling Therapist

Unit 9 - 1110 Henderson Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R2G 1L1

Adolescents / Teens Children and Childhood Development Coparenting Communication Between Spouses Domestic Violence Issues: We provide a comprehensive approach which is readily tailor made for any situation. It will likely be between 6 and 12 sessions, depending on the criteria of your particular circumstance. During the intake process, the extent of the program will be determined together with your therapist. Family of Origin Issues Marriage and Couples Counseling Parenting Issues and Approaches

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