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Patricia Starbird, M.S., LPC/MHSP, EMDRIA Certified

Licensed Professional Counselor

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The pain of loss is the common thread among us all. None of us escapes that pain, whether it's loss of a relationship, a job, or our self respect. When dealing with divorce or other life transitions, we need to mourn the loss of dreams and hopes. Often we busy ourselves or turn to substances to avoid that pain. This can quickly turn to complicated grief-- grief on top of grief, multiplying the pain, which can lead to debilitating depression or other physical illnesses. I have extensive training in healing grief and loss. No matter how bad it hurts, it's not too late to come for healing.

Amanda Gilliam, M.S.

Licensed Marital & Family Therapist

The fluidity of grief can present in a wide range of emotions. This response to loss in our lives can be painful, raw, and unfair. It is important for individuals who are in the midst of grief and loss to utilize support and process the experiences that are not understood or seem impossible to get through. Whether you are facing the loss of a loved one, grieving unmet hopes or expectations, or finding your new normal after loss, you are capable of finding your strength and adopting a new sense of your identity.

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