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Grief & Loss

Toi Lynn Wyle, MS, LMFT, CHT, E-RYT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist

Within Driving Distance of Kalaheo, HI

Grief is a necessary response to loss, from the daily losses of change and pain, to tragic losses of death, divorce and various forms of trauma. When Grief is not allowed to express fully, it can become stuck in the body where it manifests as physical symptoms of stress, illness, longer term depression. When one is stuck in Grief, one is stuck in living a partial life. An integrative approach involves working with the thoughts and emotions, as well as the physical release of the grief through body/mind processes such as breathwork, hypnotherapy and expression through art or ritual. Grief is then transformed at all levels of being so that one can feel fully connected to living again.

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