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Stephen Price, D.Min.

Licensed Pastoral Psychotherapist

133 Grove Street, Peterborough, New Hampshire 03458

One way to define psychotherapy is from its roots. Psycho comes from the word psyche, meaning soul. Therapy comes from the word to heal or to cure. Thus you might say that psychotherapy is “the cure of souls.” This was a phrase the church used for pastoral care back in the days before there was the word, psychotherapy. We are not islands. All of us need to share and consult and reach out to others to understand ourselves and to work through problems and conflicts. Usually this takes place among friends or family. But sometimes it is more helpful to talk to a trained person who is unbiased and confidential and probably more objective than many of our friends and family. As psychotherapists, w

Anya Hunter, MA, MSW, LICSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

86 St. Paul Street, Burlington, Vermont 05401

I believe psychotherapy is really a growth and learning process, and my role is to listen, reflect, question, and guide, all the while keeping the client's goals for therapy in mind. I offer some practices -- mindfulness meditation, guided imagery and relaxation, focusing -- that can help clients truly listen to themselves. The clearer we are about what is true for us, the better we steer ourselves through our lives. And I offer feedback: from my 66 years on the planet, I can have perspective and even wisdom that clients sometimes find helpful.

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