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Cleveland Ray, LPCMH, NCC, MA

Licensed Professional Counselor of Mental Health

17527 Nassau Commons Blvd. Suite 101, Lewes, Delaware 19958

Psychotherapy is a unique experience. The psychotherapist treating the client has the training to assist the client in feeling better based on the needs of the client. The client has to feel ready and safe to talk about their issues in an environment that is safe. Clients enter psychotherapy for many reasons and as a psychotherapist, I am amazed at how clients can feel better about their issues. This is achieved with emotional support, rapport, trust, clinical interventions, and a client centered environment.

Jed Rodrigues Pereira, MSW, LCSW, LCADC

Licensed addiction specialist and licensed Couples Counselor

6 Shore Road, Linwood, New Jersey 08221

I offer all kinds of therapy, and will first assess the client, and apply for them the best possible therapeutic model that he or she will benefit from the most. I am in practice for five years, and have dealt with all kinds of mental health, marital conflict and addiction, and have successfully provided the clients with their specific model and have seen extremely positive outcomes, and received enormous positive feedback from my clients.

Perspectives Counseling Center, NCC, LPCMH

Licensed Professional Counselor of Mental Health

9 E. Loockerman Street, Suite 209, Dover, Delaware 19901

Psychotherapy is the most general term used to describe non-pharmaceutical mental health treatment. The counselors at Perspectives Counseling Center use a variety of scientifically validated psycho-therapeutic approaches, matched to your specific needs, to help you meet your treatment goals. Beyond helping people learn skills to cope with stressful events, anxiety, or depression, psychotherapy can also help people grow and become more peaceful, satisfied, and engaged in their lives and relationships.

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