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Patricia Starbird, M.S., LPC/MHSP, EMDRIA Certified

Licensed Professional Counselor

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Many people report experiencing some relief after just one psychotherapy session. A psychotherapist offers you immediate support and a viewpoint from someone who is not emotionally over-involved. That's why a psychotherapist can be helpful-- they do not have an personal emotional investment in the decisions that the client makes. A caring psychotherapist genuinely wants a client to be healthy and happy, but does not try to persuade a client to make a particular decision (unless a matter of safety is at stake).

Amanda Gilliam, M.S.

Licensed Marital & Family Therapist

Psychotherapy can be beneficial as you work through a variety of stressors in life. Psychotherapy allows for you to openly share where you are in life and barriers that you are faced to overcome. Through open dialogue, you and your therapist can process challenges, relational distress, adjusting to life changes, or managing mental illness. Through various modalities, you are capable of gaining insight into patterns in behaviors, increase self awareness of your own self, and practice safe coping skills to manage symptoms that you may experience.

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