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Brooke Randolph, NCC, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

740 E. 52nd Street, Suite 9, Indianapolis, IN 46205

Those who seek therapeutic services often do so due to discomfort in some area of their lives, whether career, relationships, emotions, etc. It is a courageous choice to reach out, seeking solutions and life change. Although small changes may seem inconsequential, each moves you closer to your goals. Step by step you are creating the life you want. It is a pleasure to join you in this exciting journey. Counseling is an individualized process, whether working one on one, as a couple, or as a family unit. You choose the goals most pertinent in your life, and I partner with you, using my experience and training to assist you in reaching those goals.


Ashley Crofoot, MA, RSMT

Registered Somatic Movement Therapist

6507 Ferguson St, Ste. 102, Indianapolis, IN 46220

As a psychotherapist, my commitment is to listen to you deeply, meet you with unconditional acceptance, and support you to move in the directions that will most effectively foster growth and happiness in your life. You will learn to listen to your own truths more deeply, find love for yourself as the uniquely gifted person that you are, and rise to life's challenges with greater ease, confidence, and inspiration. I have many tools to offer you in this process, to be tailored according to your needs. These options include traditional talk therapy, mindfulness practices, body-mind awareness, creative expression, outdoor activities, and "home work" for further reflection and integration.


Nancy Eisenman, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Within Driving Distance of Indianapolis, IN

Therapy is all about learning, growing, and healing. Your feelings let you know if something isn't right on the inside. Events from our years growing up with our imperfect parents, siblings, or caregivers give us wounds in our hearts. We carry those wounds into adulthood, and the feelings and psychological walls that go with them. The way to help your heart and mind feel better is to heal and move through the painful events from the past, coming to a place of acceptance. Let's work together to help you find new ways of interacting with your loved ones through learning new insights, reprocessing, growth and healing.

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