Reviews of Theravive From Real Therapists.

Chris Berger, M.A., NCC - View Profile
"Over the last year we have doubled the number of referrals per week coming into our practice - Theravive has been instrumental in making this happen.  We will be customers for life!"

Gina S. Binder, M.A. - View Profile
"I am amazed at the success I am having with theravive. It feels like my humble practice is exploding. All I did was follow instructions for success on your website, and the results amaze me. Thanks! Gina"

Richard M. Haney, Ph.D. - View Profile
"Every day when I turn on my e-mail I find well matched referrals from Theravive.  I feel like Theravive is my partner in my marketing process." 

Joseph Johnson, MA, PhD(c) - View Profile
"I want to say thank you and that I am more than pleased with the response I have received since placing my practice on your site.  I didn’t have the highest of expectations, but you have definitely proven me wrong.  I have received a number of clients in the short time since I listed with you, and average at least one to two phone calls requesting services weekly."

Dr. G, Licensed Psychologist
"I work in a large metropolitan area and have received a number of paying referrals in my first few months with Theravive. The fact that you limit the number of therapists per center has made, I believe, an enormous difference. Other major directories don’t seem to limit their referrals, and so (in my experience), if you work in a large population area, you may end up as “a needle in a haystack” of literally hundreds of other therapists and counselors. I greatly appreciate Theravive’s decision to maintain a smaller, more select group of therapists per center. Your site has been very helpful to building my practice. Thanks again!"

Leah Valian, MSW, RSW - View Profile
"It is fun to work with Theravive as a partner in my internet marketing. By far, most of the people emailing me through Theravive become wonderful clients."

Kelly Cook, MA, R.C.C. - View Profile
"Just a quick affirmation of the service you provide. Many clients have commented on the quality of the site. I certainly appreciate the exposure that your site provides my services. Thanks again."

Bridgette Turbiville, MS, LPC-Intern, CSAT
"I always knew I should do internet marketing but did not know how. Theravive helps to take care of it for me"

Alyse Rynor, LCSW  Evanston, IL
Theravive has been a great referral source for me. I'm very happy to be on it and thank you for limiting the number of therapist per zip code. I live in a city with over 150 therapists and your site really helps.

Sabrina Trobak ~Trobak Holistic Counselling~ - View Profile
Advertising with Theravive is one of the best business decisions I have made. When I started advertising with you in July, just after opening my business, I had about 17 clients. I now have 45 clients and am starting a waiting list. The vast majority of my clients found me on line. I have published a paper through theravive as well and have gotten feedback on it from people as far away as California! I have also received information from professional organizations looking for consultants and contracts. Not only is my name getting out there, but the design of the site is great and looks so professional. Thanks again.

Phyllis Chase
You guys are doing a great job keeping the SEO rockin'. Better than Psych Today.


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