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August 16, 2014
by Lisa La Rose, M.A., L.P.C.

let goor get dragged findyour peaceby letting go

"Let Go, or Get Dragged”: Find your Peace by Letting Go

August 16, 2014 04:55 by Lisa La Rose, M.A., L.P.C.  [About the Author]

let goor get dragged findyour peaceby letting go
The title of this article is actually a quote from Lama Surya Das in his book, Awakening the Buddha Within (1997). I was so stuck by the simple wisdom of this statement that I posted it on my computer at work, and my refrigerator at home, as a frequent reminder of the dangers of hanging on to things that are better let go. But letting go of feelings, people or situations that are destructive to us, or out of our control, is easier said than done. We hold on and attach for lots of different reasons, but learning to let go and detach in healthy ways can help restore our sense of peace and our relationships with others. [More]

August 28, 2013
by Cindy Marie Hosszu

walking 2

Having Trouble Letting Go, Or Just Keeping Kids Safe?

August 28, 2013 16:20 by Cindy Marie Hosszu  [About the Author]

walking 2
Back to School Series: There goes your child…. And most of your heart We notice it on that first day of kindergarten, or the first time our kids ride their bike out of our sight, or want to walk to a friend’s house. That sense of pride, and joy mixed with a crushing sense of fear and loss, as we watch our children grow, and experience the normal independence that will eventually bri... [More]

August 21, 2013
by Sheila Hutchinson, M.Ed.

zzz forest path 2

The Power Of The Dream

August 21, 2013 16:12 by Sheila Hutchinson, M.Ed.  [About the Author]

zzz forest path 2
Elizabeth’s Story I have known Elizabeth for a number of years. Outwardly she gives the impression of being a very quiet, gentle and passive woman. I had never heard her disagree with anyone. She is generous, fair minded and loving towards everyone. She approached me a while back as she was receiving disturbing dreams and felt that her whole life was being shaken. She was experiencing a hi... [More]