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May 13, 2020
by Elizabeth Pratt

a job interview

Preparedness In One Area Of Life Could Have Flow On Effects In Others

May 13, 2020 08:00 by Elizabeth Pratt  [About the Author]

a job interview
A recent study found that feeling prepared in one area of life might also bring you a newfound sense of confidence in other areas. In three studies from The Ohio State University at Lima, researchers found that if a person felt prepared in one area, it made them more confident in their belief in an area of their life that was completely different. That held true regardless of whether that belief was positive or negative. [More]

October 11, 2014
by David Porter, MA

cultural awarenessfor clinicians practicingin rural areas

Cultural Awareness for Clinicians Practicing in Rural Areas

October 11, 2014 09:55 by David Porter, MA  [About the Author]

cultural awarenessfor clinicians practicingin rural areas
Values, beliefs, and perspectives in rural areas differ from what is found in urban areas, including how mental illness and substance abuse are defined and treated. The rural environment poses unique treatment challenges, and ethical conundrums. The clinician, who works in these areas, particularly if they originate from and have been raised in an urban center, will have a greater chance of successfully delivering treatment if they are familiar with the cultural norms in rural areas. [More]