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July 13, 2015
by Alicia Meade, MA, LCSW


Indiana Families Fight for Autism Coverage

July 13, 2015 11:25 by Alicia Meade, MA, LCSW   [About the Author]

There is a fight brewing in Indiana regarding continued insurance coverage for applied behavioral analysis for the treatment of autism, and the end result may cause an important ripple, affecting how autism treatment is covered in other states. Parents of an autistic son brought forth a class action suit on April 9th against Indianapolis-based Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield after the insurance company cut services for their son. Anthem maintains that autism treatment is not the responsibility of insurance but of the school system during school hours. [More]

August 18, 2014
by Cathy England, MA

mental health care coverage new lawsand remaining problems

Mental Health Care Coverage: New Laws and Remaining Problems

August 18, 2014 04:55 by Cathy England, MA  [About the Author]

mental health care coverage new lawsand remaining problems
In the not too distant past, there was a lot of difficulty for individuals needing to access mental health care services. Many health insurance companies treated mental health as a separate and unequal health issue compared with medical health problems. This made it difficult for the mentally ill to get adequate treatment, and to be able to afford that treatment when it was needed. In the last few years, those laws have begun to change, and mental illness is now considered to be equal in regard to insurance as is physical illness. [More]