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August 30, 2022
by Patricia Tomasi

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New Study Looks At Gendered Equity And Justice In The Planning Of Parks

August 30, 2022 08:00 by Patricia Tomasi  [About the Author]

bigstock people in the park happy fami 455827023
A new study published in the National Library of Medicine looked at gender and sex differences in urban greenness’ mental health benefits. “Our study examines articles that investigate the relationship between mental health outcomes and urban greenness with a deeper look into gender and sex differences associated with them as well as how gender and sex are used in environmental health literature,” study author Marta-Beatriz Fernandez Nunez told us. [More]

April 14, 2015
by Lauren Popham, PhD


Conviction of the Boston Marathon Bomber: Will Justice Heal Emotional Wounds?

April 14, 2015 16:02 by Lauren Popham, PhD  [About the Author]

On Wednesday April 8th, the jury reached a verdict on the tragic Boston Marathon bombing case. They decided to convict 21-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. It comes as no surprise given that Dzhokhar has admitted to participating in the April 15, 2013 bombing. His defense team claimed that while he did participate in the events that led up to the bombing, his 26-year-old brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was ultimately responsible for the attack, which killed two adults and a child and injured 264 people. [More]