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February 4, 2015
by Dr. Tony Victor D.Min., LCPC

new ideasonthe link betweenthe brainand perception

New Ideas on the Link Between the Brain and Perception

February 4, 2015 07:55 by Dr. Tony Victor D.Min., LCPC  [About the Author]

new ideasonthe link betweenthe brainand perception
When lovers recognize that the perceptions of self and their partners are unconscious representations of their dream love, self, and an idealized relationship being experienced as reality they can recreate the relationship of their dreams. When lovers become consciously aware of their perceptions, the origin of those perceptions, and the meaning of those perceptions, they can move toward the third stage of romantic relationship—The True Love Stage. [More]

January 10, 2013
by Casey Truffo, LMFT

Is Marriage Good for Your Health?

January 10, 2013 04:55 by Casey Truffo, LMFT  [About the Author]

Part of the traditional marriage vows indicate a partner's willingness to remain together in sickness and in health. So, could getting married to remain healthy as good of a reason to tie the knot as love? Many researchers over the years have reported that marriage is good for your health and that healthy married people are less likely to die at the same rate as unmarried people. More recent re... [More]