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July 9, 2019
by Patricia Tomasi

netflix and chill

Netflix And Chill? For Some, It’s Not That Simple According To A New Study

July 9, 2019 08:00 by Patricia Tomasi  [About the Author]

netflix and chill
How involved in a show or movie do you get? Do you think about it once it’s over? Do you analyze the plot line over and over in your head? How "into" the characters do you get? Do you tend to emotionally get drawn into a television show or movie more than others? According to a new study, anxious people tend to form relationships with characters in television shows and films, more than others without anxiety. [More]

April 10, 2016
by Agnes Oh, PsyD, LMFT

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New Mainstream in Hollywood: Faith-based Films

April 10, 2016 16:10 by Agnes Oh, PsyD, LMFT   [About the Author]

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Easter may have come and gone but its spirit only seems to be rising and expanding. The fervor is especially evident in the string of faith-based films released in recent years, steadily appealing to and supported by Christian movie-goers nationwide. The latest of these is “Miracles From Heaven” – a new release from Sony which is already making headlines... [More]

September 17, 2013
by Dr. Anthony Centore, Ph.D.

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Can Sad Things Make Us Happy?

September 17, 2013 14:27 by Dr. Anthony Centore, Ph.D.  [About the Author]

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Though we don't typically associate the two, sadness and joy are more closely linked than you might think. Have you ever been in a situation where you feel mildly or even severely depressed, but then feel better after letting it out? The venting of melancholic emotions does just that: it lets everything out. That is why activities that may elicit a strong, emotional reaction (such as a sad movie) can actually bring us to a more positive mood at the end. [More]