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November 24, 2020
by Elizabeth Pratt

a social media user

How Social Media Is Used Determines Impact On Wellbeing

November 24, 2020 08:00 by Elizabeth Pratt  [About the Author]

a social media user
When it comes to overall wellbeing, how a person uses social media could have a significant impact. In a study from The University of British Columbia, Derrick Wirtz, an associate professor of teaching in psychology examined the use of three popular social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to see how the use of the platforms impacted the overall wellbeing of a person. [More]

March 6, 2015
by Darren Haber


Twitter-Shaming: Kelly Clarkson, Justine Sacco who's next?

March 6, 2015 11:45 by Darren Haber  [About the Author]

Has it become unsafe in our society to make a mistake, accidentally or privately, over drinks with friends for instance, to express those parts of ourselves which Jung described as “the shadow:” those perceptions or attitudes that the ego, for various reasons (some of them socially imposed), deems unacceptable and keeps hidden? An extreme example is seen with sex addiction, where someone’s often positive public image stands in shocking contrast to a “secret life” littered with “shenanigans” that friends, family or fans find contemptible. [More]