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July 27, 2021
by Patricia Tomasi


How Does Light Affect Our Brain?

July 27, 2021 08:00 by Patricia Tomasi  [About the Author]

A new study published in PLOS Genetics looked at how light affects behavioral despair involving the clock gene Period 1 using mice. “The study is about how light may affect our brain,” study author, Dr. Urs Albrecht told us. “In particular, how light can influence our wellbeing and mood. We were wondering whether light really can affect the brain, because from personal experience life appears to be easier in summer when there is more light than in winter.” [More]

November 2, 2012
by Dr. Kevin Kappler, Ph.D.

11 2 12 how to avoid the fallacies of thanksgiving

How to Avoid the Fallacies of Thanksgiving

November 2, 2012 14:43 by Dr. Kevin Kappler, Ph.D.  [About the Author]

11 2 12 how to avoid the fallacies of thanksgiving
The origins of Thanksgiving have nothing to do with a bunch of Indians and pilgrims sitting down for a bountiful feast of turkey. In reality although the settlers with pale faces had been bothering the Indians in addition to giving them many new diseases they had never had were starving by this time. The Indians took pity on them and brought them some corn and fish. Thanksgiving has a lot of emoti... [More]