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Andrea Ruse Andrea Ruse, LCPC, LAC, CCDP-D, RPT

Andrea is the Clinical Supervisor and therapist at Preferred Family Healthcare in Olathe, KS. Her credentials include: Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (KS), Licensed Addictions Counselor (KS), Certified Co-Occurring Disorders Professional-Diplomat (MO), and Registered Play Therapist. Her therapeutic orientations include: play therapy (ages 2-12), REBT, DBT, CBT, Family Systems Theory, and Client-Centered.

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June 8, 2015
by Andrea Ruse, LCPC, LAC, CCDP-D, RPT


New Harvard Study Shows Children Benefit From Having A Working Mother

June 8, 2015 07:55 by Andrea Ruse, LCPC, LAC, CCDP-D, RPT  [About the Author]

Is a woman's career life harmful to the well-being of her child? New information sheds light on this very question in a study published by Harvard Business School professor Kathleen McGinn, et al. In this study, the traditional point-of-view that working mothers are harming their children is being challenged as research focuses in on the effects on adult children of working mothers. [More]

April 10, 2015
by Andrea Ruse, LCPC, LAC, CCDP-D, RPT

pay jessica knight 2

4 Year Old Girl Can’t Stop Eating Carpet: Parents at “Wits’ End”

April 10, 2015 09:13 by Andrea Ruse, LCPC, LAC, CCDP-D, RPT  [About the Author]

pay jessica knight 2
Eating her own carpet padding is a typical behavior for one child in England. Meet four-year old Jessica Knight of Cambridgeshire. Little Jessica has been struggling with a psychological condition known as Pica; a condition in which an individual craves and ingests non-nutritional substances, such as mud, chalk, paint, glue, etc. Parents Kelly and Chris Knight were interviewed and reported that they were unaware of their daughter’s unusual habits at until Jessica was around 2 years old and was discovered eating her faux-leather chair. In response to her most recent Pica activity, Kelly expressed shock at the amount of Jessica’s carpet padding that was eaten away. [More]