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An estimated 2.5 million adult Americans and 1 million children have bipolar, a serious brain disorder. bp (bipolar) is a magazine for these people. It is filled with hope, inspiration, news features, and educational information on building a healthy lifestyle, including: stress reduction, exercise and sleep, treatments, relationships, and employment. bp delivers a fresh, vibrant, colorful, and glossy magazine four times each year. bp Magazine empowers and motivates the bipolar community.

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February 9, 2014
by bp (bipolar) Magazine

bp julie theravive

Maximizing your time with your psychiatrist

February 9, 2014 04:55 by bp (bipolar) Magazine  [About the Author]

bp julie theravive
Many people with bipolar disorder get frustrated because of the fact that they typically get only 15- to 20-minute sessions to talk with their doctor at their scheduled appointment. Does this happen to you? This can lead to feeling rushed when you get to the appointment, as well as feeling worried that you and your doctor can’t make the most of the visits. This post will cover a few of the obstacles you may face when you’re sick and need to get as much as possible from your limited appointment. The more communication and organizational skills you can learn, the more you can get from your appointments. And the more you get from your appointments, the more skills you will have to help you manage the illness between office visits. [More]

February 2, 2014
by bp (bipolar) Magazine

1 bp beth theravive

Embracing a new (and different) life with bipolar

February 2, 2014 04:55 by bp (bipolar) Magazine  [About the Author]

1 bp beth theravive
This winter I found I was ready to fully accept my illness. It was no great epiphany. It was a process. Why it took me ten months after sitting under the tree, I’ll never know. But I was also able to understand that some dreams and plans are now beyond my reach. I’ll never be an executive again. I may never be a college professor. My husband and I may never be financially stable. I may never work as a full-time artist. [More]

January 19, 2014
by bp (bipolar) Magazine

bp beth theravive

Accepting my Bipolar Diagnosis

January 19, 2014 04:55 by bp (bipolar) Magazine  [About the Author]

bp beth theravive
I will never forget the day I learned I likely had the illness. I went to the doctor on another issue and ended up having a loud, sloppy-wet meltdown, including talking about suicide and tossing things about the room (okay, just gloves). Funny, I don’t recall what set me off. The doctor gently asked if I ever considered that maybe I have bipolar disorder? I melted even more and called my parents, screaming into the phone about how I truly was for-real crazy! Told ya! For years I had been struggling (surviving, at times just barely), not knowing what was wrong. I was sent to a psychiatrist and got the bp II diagnosis. [More]