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Dr. Kevin Kappler Dr. Kevin Kappler, Ph.D.

I am a Life Coach who has been a psychologist for over 30 years helping individuals, couples, families children and adolescents. For the last six years I have been providing help on the phone, email and the internet since I have retired.It was the eight years of psychiatric emergency and thirty years of private practice that gave me the skills to think fast, understand your problem quickly and offer some specific suggestions for anyone who asks for help.

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July 23, 2013
by Dr. Kevin Kappler, Ph.D.

penguinswborder 2

Problems You May Encounter on a Summer Vacation

July 23, 2013 17:06 by Dr. Kevin Kappler, Ph.D.  [About the Author]

penguinswborder 2
How do you cope in small spaces? "To be stuck inside a mobile with the Memphis blues again" as Bob Dylan so poignantly phrased it going from living in a house to living in a recreational vehicle has some unforeseen difficulties. Most assuredly everyone you meet will be bedazzled by your transformation and with more than a little better than the wish that they too could live happily ever after as ... [More]

November 2, 2012
by Dr. Kevin Kappler, Ph.D.

11 2 12 how to avoid the fallacies of thanksgiving

How to Avoid the Fallacies of Thanksgiving

November 2, 2012 14:43 by Dr. Kevin Kappler, Ph.D.  [About the Author]

11 2 12 how to avoid the fallacies of thanksgiving
The origins of Thanksgiving have nothing to do with a bunch of Indians and pilgrims sitting down for a bountiful feast of turkey. In reality although the settlers with pale faces had been bothering the Indians in addition to giving them many new diseases they had never had were starving by this time. The Indians took pity on them and brought them some corn and fish. Thanksgiving has a lot of emoti... [More]

October 24, 2012
by Dr. Kevin Kappler, Ph.D.

How to Deal with the Anger of a Young Boy

October 24, 2012 22:24 by Dr. Kevin Kappler, Ph.D.  [About the Author]

Here are some ways you can deal with your sons violent tendencies. The most powerful motivator is your ability to use descriptive praise. In the example you have given me of your son balling up his fist as if to hit you the fact that he didn't is something that you can praise as you describe his behaviors. Descriptive praise needs to be very specific to the behavior and happen as quickly as possib... [More]

October 15, 2012
by Dr. Kevin Kappler, Ph.D.

Don't let discouragement discourage you

October 15, 2012 17:14 by Dr. Kevin Kappler, Ph.D.  [About the Author]

Being discouraged can be as devastating as stopping you in your tracks or it can merely be a pothole in the journey of life. Its basis is the feeling that even if you give it your best shot you will not achieve your goals. If we don't stop it when it starts it will result in such negative attitudes and emotions that it will rob us of our productivity and self-confidence. It can have a negative imp... [More]

October 14, 2012
by Dr. Kevin Kappler, Ph.D.

Setting healthy boundaries without putting your loved ones in a box

October 14, 2012 15:02 by Dr. Kevin Kappler, Ph.D.  [About the Author]

There is nothing more true than the old phrase, "good fences make good neighbors." In personal relationships having unhealthy boundaries create much pain because to a great extent we define ourselves in relation to others. The problem occurs when our own needs, feelings and opinions become ignored. From there it's one easy step into becoming overwhelmed by that other person. Not being able to ... [More]