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Liz Dube Liz Dube, MA, MS, LMFT, CST

Liz Dubé is a Certified Sex Therapist & Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. At her private practice in Long Beach and Huntington Beach, in Southern California,Liz specializes in helping individuals and couples thrive in their intimate relationships, overcome sexual difficulties, and create empowering sexual identities. Liz also speaks to groups on creating more satisfying sexual relationships and blogs regularly at Liz has 2 children and has been married for 16 years.

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March 7, 2015
by Liz Dube,MA, MS, LMFT, CST

5 0shades

Why 50 Shades Bombed- But Women Still Want To Be Taken

March 7, 2015 07:55 by Liz Dube,MA, MS, LMFT, CST  [About the Author]

5 0shades
Ok, so 50 Shades the movie bombed compared to the success of the book trilogy. Critics basically said it was cheesy, the sex scenes were unsatisfying, and there was no spark between the two actors. So did it bomb because of the way it was made or the story-line? Whatever the reason it has been a great opportunity to get a very common fantasy out there in mainstream media for women and men of all walks of life. [More]

January 11, 2015
by Liz Dube,MA, MS, LMFT, CST

new years resolution more sexin 2015

New Year’s Resolution – More Sex in 2015

January 11, 2015 07:55 by Liz Dube,MA, MS, LMFT, CST  [About the Author]

new years resolution more sexin 2015
One of the most frequent sexual complaints for women is low sexual desire (Ellison, 2001). And one common mistake couples make when trying to fix this or other sexual problems on their own is jumping to solutions without taking time to understand the reasons for the low desire, then putting a band aid on something that needs stitches. This quite often just leaves a scar. [More]